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Why Is My Pomeranian Licking Me So Much: 8 Reasons & What to Do

Written by: Nicole Cosgrove

Last Updated on April 4, 2024 by Dogster Team

A Pomeranian licking the finger of her owner.

Why Is My Pomeranian Licking Me So Much: 8 Reasons & What to Do

Pomeranians are popular lap dogs, and like all dogs, your Pomeranian may lick you to show affection. However, your Pomeranian could also be licking you for various reasons other than affection, which could explain why your dog is licking you so much.

Licking comes naturally and instinctively for dogs and serves as a means of expression, bonding, and grooming. Your Pomeranian may lick you to get your attention, show you love or empathy, or because they like how you taste! In this article, we’ll discuss eight likely reasons why your Pomeranian could be licking you so much so you can decide if the slobbery kisses are worth it or if you need your Pomeranian to tone it down a bit.


The 8 Reasons Why Your Pomeranian Is Licking You So Much

1. Instinct

Licking is an instinct for dogs. They do it to communicate, groom themselves, and show emotion. Mothers usually lick their puppies to clean and comfort them, show love, and bond. You will never meet a dog that doesn’t lick.

So, when your Pomeranian licks you, it could be out of instinct, like a mother would lick puppies to show them love and affection.

pomeranian licking its owner
Image Credit: Anna Lurye, Shutterstock

2. Affection

The most common reason your Pomeranian will lick you is to show affection. We give our dogs kisses on the head to show them our appreciation, and most often, you will notice they will lick you back. When you get home from work and your Pomeranian is happy to see you, the most common thing they will do is lick your face.

This sign of affection was taught to them as puppies. Your Pomeranian could even be trying to groom you, which is also a sign of care and affection.

3. Trying to Get Your Attention

Pomeranians are the ultimate lap dogs, partly because they were bred for companionship. If you let them, they will most likely cuddle you all day. If you are busy or a bit distant, your Pomeranian will try to get your attention, and licking you is one of the ways they will do so. They could also bark or stare, but licking could be the one that gets more of a response.

Your Pomeranian may want your attention to show you some love or something else, like a treat or playtime. Licking is a surefire way to divert your attention from your work because you can’t ignore it for long, especially if your Pomeranian is persistent.

Unless you enjoy the constant licking, it’s important not to reinforce the behavior by rewarding it with attention. You should redirect the behavior and teach your Pomeranian other ways to get your attention.

4. Empathy

Licking is also a way for your Pomeranian to provide comfort.  Most pets are keenly aware of their environment. Our facial expressions change in response to our emotions, and dogs can sense our tone of voice, which may also change when we are feeling down.

If your Pomeranian picks up that you are feeling down or aren’t well, it may lick you to provide comfort and show empathy.

owner cuddling and hugging her pet pomeranian dog
Image Credit: Alina Kruk, Shutterstock

5. Boredom

Licking can also be a sign of boredom. If your Pomeranian licks you, or other random things, it could need some mental stimulation. Pomeranians were initially bred to herd animals and pull sleds, so they thrive on doing work and honing in on their skills. If they are not mentally stimulated enough, they may become bored. They can develop the habit of licking themselves out of boredom, but if they are with their owner a lot, the licking may be shared between the two of you.

You can help your Pomeranian channel its boredom into something more productive by doing extra training or adding in an extra short walk in your day. You could play a game of fetch or provide your Pomeranian with some interactive toys. A lick mat is a great toy to keep your dog busy and their slobber off of you.

6. To Soothe Themselves

Licking can be soothing for dogs, helping them feel more calm and relaxed. If your dog is feeling more worried or stressed then they may be licking you to help them cope. If your Pomeranian is suddenly licking you a lot more and there are other changes to their behavior, get them checked out by your vet.

7. Your Pomeranian Thinks You Like It

Your Pomeranian might lick you a lot simply because it thinks you enjoy it. When your Pomeranian has licked you before, you may have unintendedly reinforced it by rewarding it with something positive, such as extra attention, or maybe you gave it a treat to try to make it stop.

As long as your Pomeranian is getting a positive reaction or rewarded for its behavior, it will continue to do it. Don’t shout at your dog to stop but wait for a moment when it has stopped licking you and is calm and praise it or give it a treat. This will reinforce that not licking is the rewarded behavior.

cute pomeranian dog licking mans feet
Image Credit: The_Molostock, Shutterstock

8. It Tastes Good

Your Pomeranian may just enjoy the way your skin tastes. Human skin generally has a salty taste. Our skin may taste salty because salt is naturally lost through sweat, and this salty taste is one that some dogs happen to enjoy.

Humans also use all sorts of scented soaps and lotions, and some aromas may appeal to your Pomeranian. A more obvious reason could be that you have just prepared dinner, and the smell and taste of the food linger on your hands.


What to Do About Your Pomeranian Licking

Your Pomeranian may lick you for various reasons, and if you aren’t one for slobbery kisses and affection, you will need to remedy the behavior. Whether for love, boredom or just because you taste good, the approach to redirecting the behavior will all be similar.

If you want your Pomeranian to stop licking you, ignoring them is your best option. Then, you can reward them when the licking has stopped.

While it may sound counterintuitive, you can also train your Pomeranian to stop licking:

  • When your Pomeranian licks you, say the word “lick” and repeat it as often as possible.
  • After 5 minutes, use another command word to teach it to stop, such as “stop” or “enough.”
  • Once you use the command word to stop, get up and move away from your dog.
  • Repeat this exercise a few times a day for a few weeks.

If your Pomeranian is licking excessively to the point that it affects your relationship or has sudden changes to the amount they are licking, visit the vet or behavioral specialist.

Image Credit: Gorodenkoff, Shutterstock

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Licking is an instinct and form of communication for dogs, which can explain why your Pomeranian may be licking you. They lick to show affection, empathy, and boredom, and sometimes they enjoy the natural salty taste of human skin. While some dog owners may not mind the slobbery affection their Pomeranian has to offer, some prefer not to be licked. In that case, you must ensure you are not reinforcing the behavior by reacting or providing treats to distract them.

Featured Image Credit: Cowen Duggar, Shutterstock

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