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12 Vizsla Pros and Cons: Traits & Characteristics

Written by: Adam Mann

Last Updated on April 10, 2024 by Dogster Team

Wirehaired Vizsla

12 Vizsla Pros and Cons: Traits & Characteristics

If you’re thinking about getting a Vizsla, you’ll want to learn all about them so you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into and if they’re the best dog breed for you. To help you make an informed decision and learn a bit more about the breed, we’ve highlighted some of the most notable pros and cons of a Vizsla for you below!

The 7 Vizsla Pros

If you’re looking at getting a pet Vizsla, there are tons of reasons why they make such a great companion. We’ve highlighted seven reasons most pet owners love their Vizsla for you here:

1. Very Loving and Affectionate

If you’re looking for a loving and affectionate dog, the Vizsla is an outstanding choice. They want to love up on just about everyone, and when you’re home, they want to be right by your side the entire time.

Vizsla dog playing outdoor
Image Credit: Wirestock Creators, Shutterstock

2. Great With Kids

If you have a family, your top priority is getting a dog that gets along with everyone. That’s certainly not a problem with the Vizsla. They’re one of the friendliest dog breeds out there, and generally, they get along with everyone in the family. Truthfully, almost anyone that’s willing to come up and pet them is a keeper to a Vizsla!

3. Usually Great With Other Pets

While you’ll need to ensure you properly socialize your Vizsla before introducing them to a ton of new pets, if you do things the right way and socialize your Vizsla early on, they usually get along great with other pets.

Whether it’s dogs, cats, or something else entirely, Vizslas usually get along great with all sorts of animals. Just ensure you take the time to socialize them properly before leaving them alone in a room together!

vizsla dogs playing in the grass
Image Credit: keinerwarsgewesen, Shutterstock

4. Very Loyal

While Vizslas love up on just about everyone, they’re still among the most loyal dog breeds out there. They’re always looking for ways to please their owners, which makes them one of the easier breeds to train. And once you train them to do something, they want to keep doing it to make you happy.

5. Very Adaptable

Some dogs abhor change, but not the Vizsla. While the Vizsla doesn’t need change to stay happy, they have no problem adapting to whatever life throws at them. Whether it’s a new job, a new home, new pets, or new family members, a Vizsla does great with it all.

The owner walks around the city with a dog of the Magyar Vizsla
Image Credit:, Shutterstock

6. They Bond Easily

If you don’t want to wait a long time until your dog really connects with you, that’s not the case with a Vizsla. They form bonds quickly and easily, although each pup will have their own personality. Give them the attention they want and meet all their needs and they’ll be your best friend in no time.

7. Easy to Groom

While Vizslas certainly aren’t hypoallergenic and they do shed, they don’t shed nearly as much as some breeds. Even better, they have short coats, so they don’t need you to brush them out all the time to ensure their fur doesn’t mat or tangle.

A quick 15-minute brushing two to three times a week is all they need, which is about as easy as it gets with a dog.

man brushing vizsla dog
Image Credit: SvetikovaV, Shutterstock

The 5 Vizsla Cons

While there’s a ton to love about the Vizsla, they’re not for everyone. Below we’ve highlighted a few characteristics that are less than ideal for many pet owners.

1. Very High Energy

If you’re getting a Vizsla, you better have a rock-solid plan on how they will burn through some energy each day. We recommend places with large fenced-in yards; otherwise, you’ll need to take them out for daily runs and other high-intensity activities to meet their activity level needs.

Magyar Vizsla male is running towards the camera
Image Credit: Bianca Pinkernell, Shutterstock

2. They Need Lots of Mental Stimulation

Not only do Vizslas have tons of energy, but they’re also extremely smart. If you’re not meeting both their physical and psychological needs, they’re likely to start exhibiting destructive boredom behaviors. Training can help meet a Vizsla’s mental needs, but you’ll need to stay consistent with it and keep challenging them.

3. Prone to Separation Anxiety

Vizslas love their owners and being around people. And while that’s great in a lot of ways, it also leads to some behavioral problems when they’re alone. They don’t just want companionship, they need it, and too much time alone can create issues for them.

vizsla lying on grass
Image Credit: photohun, Pixabay

4. They Need Lots of Socialization

Vizslas need time around lots of people, they generally don’t do well in a hermit-type situation. They crave time at the dog park with other animals, and the more people they have to love on them, the better. To some people, this is a perk, but to others, it’s just another expectation they need to meet to keep their dog happy.

5. Not the Best Guard Dogs

If you’re hoping your Vizsla will help protect you if an intruder comes in, you might not be getting the right breed. While a Vizsla might protect you, most will run up for some attention from the intruder instead.

It’s a great feature when people are always coming in and out of your home, but it’s not if an actual serious situation happens.

Vizsla lying on the ground looking up
Image Credit: Ferenc Novák, Pixabay


Because of their sweet and loving temperaments and their adorable appearance, it’s no wonder so many people want a Vizsla. But before you bring one home, ensure you can meet all their needs, including their high energy and mental stimulation requirements.

They might be great to hang out with, but Vizslas can also take a bit of work, and the last thing you want is to figure out you’re not ready to care for them after you bring them home!

Featured Image Credit: Colin Seddon, Shutterstock

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