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Pros & Cons of Getting a Cockapoo: Breed Characteristics Explained

Written by: Oliver Jones

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Pros & Cons of Getting a Cockapoo: Breed Characteristics Explained

So, you are thinking about getting a Cockapoo. The iconic combination of cocker spaniel and poodle is too adorable to resist, and now you want to bring one into the home.

This is a big decision that requires a lot of thought, and you need to think about the ups and downs of owning a Cockapoo. Thankfully, we have taken the time to list some of the main pros and cons of having a Cockapoo, so go ahead and dive in! dogster face divider

Pros of Getting a Cockapoo

The Cockapoo is famous for a reason. Look at all of the points in favor of this beautiful breed.

1. Cockapoos are Friendly to Everyone

Cockapoos are well-known for their loving personalities. They are friendly with everyone they meet and always eager to make a new friend. This affectionate nature makes them excellent family dogs, as they will show great devotion to the humans they hold dear. They willingly accept other pets into the household, making them great pets to foster a harmonious living situation.

Even strangers will feel the love from these cuddly dogs. Cockapoos are not aggressive or wary of newcomers, making them great pets to introduce to your friends.

Image by: Mary Swift, Shutterstock

2. They Do Not Bark Often

Compared to other dog breeds, the Cockapoo does not bark very often. Although they will likely bark if they notice a stranger approaching your home, they will not keep it up for long. They are relatively quiet dogs, making them great apartment companions. You won’t need to brace yourself for noise complaints with this pup!

3. They Are Incredible Friends

Cockapoos have the perfect personality to make them lifelong friends. They are affectionate and always eager to snuggle with you. They are good with children of all ages, considerate of the older ones, and rambunctious with the younger ones. Their intelligence makes them easy to train, allowing you to mold them into well-behaved pups. Overall, Cockapoos are dogs that you can cultivate a lifetime friendship with.

Image by: David Reed, Pixabay

4. Cockapoos Do Not Shed Often

When it comes to cleaning, a great benefit to the Cockapoo is that they rarely shed. Some people consider the Cockapoo hypoallergenic, although that is technically not true, because they shed a little. People with minor dog allergies may be able to tolerate the Cockapoo, but those with much more severe allergies may still have reactions. Still, Cockapoos require low maintenance when cleaning up tufts of fur.

5. There is a Strict Breed Standard for Cockapoos

Although the Cockapoo is not an officially registered dog breed with the American Kennel Club, there are Cockapoo-specific clubs that established a clear breed standard. The breed standard, popularized by the American Cockapoo Club and the Cockapoo Club of America, has helped to solidify the expectations for the breed. Developing a standard helps to reduce the number of Cockapoos with undesirable qualities.

Image by: David Reed, Pixabay

6. Cockapoos are Intelligent

Cockapoos are more than just cute faces; they are incredibly brilliant pups! The poodle, one of the Cockapoo’s main ancestors, is among the smartest dog breeds in the world. Therefore, many Cockapoos have inherited keen intelligence, making them incredibly bright dogs.

Since they are so bright, training them is often relatively easy. Take advantage of this by teaching your Cockapoo plenty of great tricks!

7. Cockapoos Have Plenty of Size Variation

If you want to get a special Cockapoo unique to your needs and preferences, it is possible. Cockapoos come in four sizes, giving you the luxury of choice. The four sizes are the teacup, the toy, the miniature, and the standard size. You have plenty of options if you are looking for a tinier dog than the standard Cockapoo.

Image Credit: platinumportfolio, Pixabay

8. Cockapoos Have Unique Coat Options

Cockapoos can come in some incredible colors. There are about 11 color variations your Cockapoo may have, some of which are rarer and more difficult to come by. These colors include white, black, white and black, chocolate, golden, apricot, red, roan, sable, phantom, and merle.

You should research the availability of your preferred color since some colors are uncommon. Still, the variety provides the Cockapoo with some unique style and flair.divider-dog

Cons of Getting a Cockapoo

As wonderful as the Cockapoo is, it has a few issues. Here are some concerns about Cockapoos that you may want to consider.

1. Cockapoos May Develop Anxious Personalities

While Cockapoos typically have vibrant and affectionate personalities, some can develop anxious personalities. Such heightened anxiety may make a Cockapoo overly compliant because they are terrified of the consequences of disobedience. This high anxiety can also turn into bouts of aggression, as stressed dogs will often lash out when afraid.

This anxiety could be the result of poor breeding. It is essential to find a reliable, responsible breeder so that these issues are less likely to occur.

Image by: 7722424, Pixabay

2. Cockapoos Have Lots of Energy

As mentioned before, Cockapoos are a lively breed. This is often a good thing, although it may cause trouble from time to time. High-energy dogs require lots of activity and mental stimulation. If they do not receive an adequate outlet for their energy, they may accidentally cause damage to furniture and other household items.

If you get a Cockapoo, you must be prepared to schedule regular activities for your dog. There will not be many days where you can sit around and relax all day.

3. Early Socialization Is Necessary to a Cockapoo’s Proper Development

If you want your Cockapoo to be the loving, affectionate dog that so many Cockapoo owners boast about, you will need to socialize your dog early on. By exposing them to all sorts of experiences, people, and pets, you can help your Cockapoo adapt into a friendly and outgoing dog.

However, if you do not take steps to do this, your Cockapoo will likely develop separation anxiety and undesired behaviors. This makes socialization incredibly important for the breed, which can take a lot of extra time.

Cockapoo Exercise
Image by: platinumportfolio, Pixabay

4. Cockapoos Can Be Clingy

Cockapoos are very social animals. If you are gone often, they will not handle it well.

Being away for even 4 hours daily is enough for your Cockapoo to start developing separation anxiety. This makes it difficult for single adults to work full-time and provide enough attention to their pets. With no one at home to keep your Cockapoo company, it will quickly become codependent on your presence and miserable anytime you are away.

5. Some Cockapoos May Develop Many Health Issues

Like any breed, there are potential health issues to consider. With the Cockapoo, the health concerns of the poodle and the cocker spaniel tend to be passed down.

Cockapoos have a higher risk of developing cataracts, hip dysplasia, and liver disease. They are also more prone to knee injuries because they have slipped stifles, meaning there are issues with their knee joints. Ear infections are also common. It is crucial to buy your Cockapoo from a trusted and experienced breeder so that these health concerns are not exacerbated.

Image by: platinumportfolio, Pixabay

6. Cockapoos Require Extensive Grooming

Although Cockapoos do not shed much, they require more grooming than most dogs. Their coats are curly, requiring daily brushing and frequent trimming. If their fur is not well-maintained, they may develop mats, which can be painful and cause other health concerns.

Compared to other breeds, the grooming requirements for the Cockapoo are high maintenance. This is something to consider when deciding whether to bring a Cockapoo into your family.

7. They Can Be Destructive

Some Cockapoos are known to be destructive when they chew. Your furniture, pillows, and shoes may not stand much chance with the dog in the early months. Chew toys and training will go a long way to prevent the worst of this behavior, but it is crucial to catch it early. If you do not catch it early, you may have to deal with damaged items and replacement costs.



We have gone over the pros and cons of owning a Cockapoo in this article, and we have seen that there are more pros than cons. Likewise, it is essential to point out that many of the disadvantages are due to irresponsible breeding or behaviors that can be corrected with training. Overall, Cockapoos are great family pets and wonderful lifelong companions.

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