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Are There Mixed Breed Dog Shows? 5 Events & Interesting Facts

Written by: Stacy Nordstrom

Last Updated on June 22, 2024 by Dogster Team

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Are There Mixed Breed Dog Shows? 5 Events & Interesting Facts

Do you have a mixed-breed dog that you think is the most beautiful pup on the planet? Maybe you watch dog shows and think that your canine is definitely better looking than any of those pups, but you can’t enter them into a show because they’re not purebred. So, are there any dog shows that you can enter your mixed-breed dog into? The answer is yes! Read on to check out the potential options for your mixed-breed pup.

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The 5 Dog Shows for Mixed-Breed Dogs

1. AKC Canine Partners

AKC Canine Partners is a program that enables you to register your mixed-breed dog with the AKC. These dogs are not qualified for conformation shows, but there are a variety of other events that they can be part of. Dogs with this registration can participate in AKC-sponsored activities like AKC Rally, agility, and obedience.

2. The American Rescue Dog Show

Even if you have a purebred dog, you may not be able to enter them into competitions for purebred pups because you don’t have access to their papers or line. The American Rescue Dog Show allows you to enter purebred and mixed-breed dogs that have been rescued. They’re judged on categories like Best in Wrinkles and Best in Wiggling.

3. Scruffts

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Image Credit: Ksenia Raykova, Shutterstock

Crufts is a prestigious dog show for purebred dogs that occurs annually and is hosted by the Kennel Club of the United Kingdom. For mixed-breed dogs, Scruffts was created. It enables mixed-breed dogs to participate in a conformation-type dog show. While there are no breed standards for mixed-breed dogs, they are judged on traits like health, temperament, and personality.

4. The World’s Ugliest Dog Contest

Some dogs have a face only a mother could love, except we all love them for it! If you have an affinity for ugly dogs and have one of your own, you can enter them into the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest. This annual contest has been occurring since 1970 in Petaluma, California. Purebred dogs can also enter this competition, so there are two winners’ categories: World’s Ugliest Dog and World’s Ugliest Purebred Dog.

5. Farm Dog of the Year

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Image Credit: Ksenia Raykova, Shutterstock

Although many of us live in urban environments, agriculture is still a huge business in the U.S., as it’s a necessity to ensure that we all have enough food. The Farm Dog of the Year competition is put on by the American Farm Bureau Federation. The dogs are judged on traits like how closely they’re bonded with their people and their helpfulness on the farm. Two dogs win this contest: one selected by a judge and one selected by “People’s Choice.”

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Are There Benefits of My Dog Joining a Club?

Some of the competitions and pageants that you can enter your mixed-breed dog into require registration or certification with a club or governing body of some kind. This means your dog must be registered for them to compete in certain activities, like all AKC-sponsored activities.

However, your mixed-breed dog cannot join any of the major kennel clubs, like the AKC. They also cannot participate in conformation dog shows that are designed for purebred dogs. Even purebred dogs without registrations and lineages cannot enter these competitions.

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In Conclusion

If you have a mixed-breed dog, there are still plenty of opportunities for you to show them off to the world. Even if your dog is ugly, they have a chance of being seen by thousands of people if you enter them into the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest! Don’t let your dog’s pedigree hold you back from doing fun and interesting things with them.

Featured Image Credit: Raywoo, Shutterstock

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