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Do Dobermans Smell More Than Other Dogs? Vet Approved Facts & FAQ

Written by: Jessica Kim

Last Updated on April 11, 2024 by Dogster Team

Do Dobermans Smell More Than Other Dogs? Vet Approved Facts & FAQ


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Dobermans have sleek and smooth coats with short hair. They shed moderately, but they have relatively minimal grooming needs, and they’re not known to smell more than other dogs. If they’re getting brushed and bathed routinely, your Doberman shouldn’t have any sort of “doggy” smell or other odors.

So, if your Doberman has a strange smell even after a bath, it’s best to start investigating to find the source of the smell. Here are some common reasons why your Doberman might smell.

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Why Dobermans Don’t Smell More Than Other Dogs

Dobermans don’t tend to smell more than other dogs because of their coat type. Since they have a short, single coat, dirt, moisture, and oils don’t get trapped very easily. In contrast, dogs with a thick double coat can start to smell more quickly because their hair traps moisture, dandruff, and natural oils the skin produces, especially if they’re not getting brushed regularly.

Although they have short hair that doesn’t tangle easily, Dobermans can still benefit greatly from getting brushed with a bristle brush or curry comb. These brushes can help lift any debris from your Doberman’s skin and coat, and they also help circulate blood flow and evenly distribute natural oils.

Dobermans typically require less frequent baths. They can usually get by with a bath every 6-8 weeks. Along with getting rid of odors, baths can help pick up and remove dead hair, dandruff, and dirt. A shampoo and conditioner with moisturizing formulas can further nourish the skin and help your Doberman’s coat look shiny and feel soft.

A red Doberman Pinscher dog with natural uncropped ears standing outdoors
Image By: Mary Swift, Shutterstock

Top 3 Reasons Why Dobermans Can Smell Bad

There are several different reasons why Dobermans can smell bad. Sometimes, it’s as simple as having something smelly stuck on their body. Other times, there’s an underlying medical condition. Doing a quick scan of the body can help you find clues that may lead to the cause of the odor.

1. Infections

Different types of infections can cause pungent or strange odors. A common area where dogs get infections is in their ears. Sometimes, moisture can get trapped in the ears and cause a bacterial infection.

Dogs can also get yeast infections on their skin and paws. Yeast infections are often itchy, and you’ll see dogs groom, scratch, and lick themselves more frequently. Yeast infections can also cause hair loss and make the skin and paws red and flaky. Some dogs can have greasier skin, and you may also find brown discharge around their paws.

2. Anal Glands

Dogs have anal glands that secrete fluids with strong and pungent smells that often get compared to fish. These fluids are used to mark territories, and they’re also something that dogs use to communicate with each other.

Anal sac disease is fairly common in dogs. It happens when the anal sacs get impacted and is often due to inflammation of the anal gland ducts. Impacted anal sacs will start to emit a fishy, unpleasant odor. You’ll also see the swollen anal sacs that are located on both sides of the anus.

3. Dental Issues

Sometimes, Dobermans can develop dental issues, which can cause bad odors in the mouth. Halitosis is the medical term for bad breath in dogs. Odors can also be caused by food, infections, dental issues, or foreign objects getting stuck in the mouth.

Bad breath can also indicate other health issues like kidney disease, liver disease, or diabetes.

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Image By: Yama Zsuzsanna Márkus, Pixabay

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Dobermans don’t typically smell more than other dogs. So, if your Doberman starts to smell more frequently or if you detect a strong odor, it is often an indicator that there’s something else going on with your dog’s health.

One of the best ways to resolve bad odors is to consult your veterinarian. Many odors are caused by an underlying medical condition. Veterinarians can help find the cause of bad odors by completing a physical exam and can also provide the next steps for treatments that will help reduce or get rid of the smells.

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