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Do Dachshunds Like Water? Facts & FAQ

Written by: Brooke Billingsley

Last Updated on July 10, 2024 by Dogster Team

black and tan dachshund near lake

Do Dachshunds Like Water? Facts & FAQ

Dachshunds are extremely cute dogs that may be best known for their short legs and long bodies, giving them their nickname of wiener dogs. The second most common thing that Dachshunds are known for is their sassy and fearless temperament. This often leads to these dogs being little explorers, happily joining their people on just about any type of adventure.

You might wonder, though, if these dogs can swim. Their bodies aren’t necessarily built to be hydrodynamic, and their short legs would seemingly make swimming difficult, but do those things stop them from trying? Like most dogs, Dachshunds technically can swim, but not well.


Can Dachshunds Swim?

If they end up in the water, they’re unlikely to sink like a stone straight to the bottom. However, they are very poor swimmers. Their build often causes them to get tired quickly while swimming, which can lead to exhaustion and drowning.

If you choose to encourage your Dachshund to swim or if you intend to have them around bodies of water, then your Dachshund needs an appropriately fitted dog life jacket to keep them safe.

black and tan dachshund standing outdoor
Image By: JeannieR, Shutterstock

Do Dachshunds Like Water?

Dachshunds were bred to hunt small game in burrows, and nothing about their breeding or instincts has encouraged them to like water. Some Dachshunds may enjoy splashing around in very shallow water, but it doesn’t take much water depth to be too deep for a Dachshund to comfortably splash around in.

With many Dachshunds that enjoy the water, they were taught to enjoy spending time in the water. Most dogs can be taught to like water or to comfortably swim with patience and time. Some Dachshunds may even take to the water after seeing their canine companions do so.

There is a real chance that your Dachshund can learn to appreciate the water but may take time to familiarize them with the water to the point of making them feel safe and comfortable.

White dachshund with red muzzle near the river
Image By: Ekaterina Kuchina, Shutterstock

Keeping Your Dachshund Safe Around Water

Your dog should have a dog life jacket if there is a chance of them being around bodies of water above their head. This goes for all dogs, no matter how good of a swimmer they are. Dog life jackets become especially important when you have a breed like the Dachshund. Their bodies simply aren’t built for swimming.

Even the fittest Dachshund can become tired quickly while swimming. When you consider their leg length to their body length, it makes sense that they would struggle to be good swimmers. Some dogs will continue to swim as long as you are willing to throw a toy for them or let them swim around, but it’s up to you as the person caring for that dog to set boundaries when your dog is swimming.

You will need to be willing to tell your dog when playtime is over, even if they seem interested in continuing to play. This is the best way to prevent exhaustion and an increased risk of drowning.

duchshund dog wearing life jacket
Image By: Masarik, Shutterstock



Dachshunds are not bred for swimming or spending time in the water. It’s unlikely for them to naturally take to the water, but some Dachshunds may surprise you. Due to their body type, Dachshunds may significantly struggle to swim safely.

Dog life jackets are essential when it comes to keeping your Dachshund safe from drowning. While swimming can be a great form of low-impact exercise for your Dachshund’s body, it’s up to you to maintain a safe swimming environment.

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