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Do Corgis Make Good Pets? What You Need to Know

Written by: Oliver Jones

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Do Corgis Make Good Pets? What You Need to Know

If you’re thinking of adding a new pet to your home, few pets make a better option than a Corgi. They can truly make outstanding companions for everyone in the home.

But while dogs are great companions, not all dogs are right for every family. We broke down a few useful facts to help you decide if a Corgi is right for your home.

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Perks of Owning a Corgi

Pembroke Welsh Corgi_Pixabay
Image By: ElfinFox, Pixabay

There are tons of studies out there that a pet can reduce stress levels, keep you more active, and provide companionship, and a Corgi is undoubtedly no exception. They keep us moving and keep us happy, and both those things are no small perks.

Dogs have been the go-to pets for quite some time, and their overall loving nature and trainability are what make them ideal.

Corgis bond with their owners and their owners bond with them, which means that there are health and overall happiness benefits galore.

Drawbacks of Owning a Corgi

While some people might view Corgis as the perfect addition to the home, others might not see them that way. For starters, Corgis need a great deal of attention and affection. While that’s exactly what many pet owners want, others might view it as a nuisance.

Also, Corgis tend to only really bond with one owner. They’ll show other people in the family plenty of love, but they pick a clear favorite. For families, this can create problems, especially if the person whom the Corgi picks is only one of the children.

Finally, if you’re looking for a low-cost, low-maintenance pet, a dog might not be the best choice. Dogs require attention and have plenty of reoccurring costs, making them one of the more expensive pet options out there.


Are Corgis Good Family Dogs?

girl hug and kissing a corgi dog
Photo By: JeannieR, Shutterstock

While Corgis are great with kids and other family members, you do need to be careful around smaller children. Corgis have a herding ancestry, and this can make them a bit bossy toward small children that they think that they need to control.

While this usually can be trained out of them, if left unchecked, it can create problems. Corgis usually don’t exhibit this behavior with older children, though.

Keep in mind that herding usually involves nipping. While they won’t try to hurt your child, this nipping can be scary and uncomfortable. If your Corgi exhibits herding behavior around your children, you need to address it as soon as possible.

Are Corgis Good With Other Pets?

If you have other pets or other dogs in your home, your Corgi will love them. Corgis are extremely social dogs and do well with other pets, especially other dogs.

However, keep in mind that just because most Corgis do well with other dogs, that doesn’t mean socialization isn’t important. You still need to take the time to introduce them to other pets early in life, and if you don’t socialize them early, it might not be possible later.

Finally, always slowly introduce other pets and family members when bringing a new pet into the home. This can prevent problems that you might not expect.

Are Corgis a Good Apartment Dog?

Corgi puppy
Photo By: autopilotkodyma, Pixabay

Due to their smaller size, Corgis make great apartment dogs. Since they’re high energy, you’ll need to take them out for several walks throughout the day, but this is ideal for any dog’s health.

But most of the time, Corgis can get their energy out while running around the apartment, especially if you take the time to play with them or have other pets around.


Final Thoughts

If you’re thinking of adding a new companion to your home, a Corgi might be just what you need. These pups are extremely energetic and playful, but their temperament and size make them excellent for just about every home.

But before heading out and purchasing or adopting a Corgi, ensure that you have the time, energy, and financial resources to give them everything that they need.

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