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Do Cockapoos Like Water? Facts & Swimming Safety Tips

Written by: Elizabeth Gray

Last Updated on April 16, 2024 by Dogster Team

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Do Cockapoos Like Water? Facts & Swimming Safety Tips

As one of the first “designer dogs,” Cockapoos are adorable, allergy-friendly pups that make excellent pets for many families and individuals. If you live near the water or come from a family who enjoys aquatic adventures, you might wonder if a Cockapoo might share your interests. Although you can’t predict anything with certainty, many Cockapoos like water and learn to swim easily.

Keep reading to learn why most Cockapoos like water and can swim. We’ll also cover some water safety tips to help ensure your next family outing to the lake doesn’t end in disaster for your dog.


Why Cockapoos Like Water

As you probably know, Cockapoos are a mix of two breeds: the Poodle and Cocker Spaniel. Like any hybrid dog, Cockapoos can take after one parent breed more or show traits of both fairly evenly.

Poodles were originally bred as water retrievers and retrieved downed ducks for hunters through cold European waters. Cocker Spaniels are also hunters by heritage, although they worked primarily on land.

The Poodle genetics typically give Cockapoos a love of water. While Cocker Spaniels aren’t water dogs by breeding, they are athletic and energetic, generally eager to participate in any physical activity.

It’s a common misconception that every dog knows how to swim, but breeds like the Cockapoo, with their water retriever ancestry, are more likely to do so naturally. That said, watch your dog carefully the first time they enter the water to gauge their swimming ability. We’ll cover some other safety tips in the next section.

Water Safety Tips for Cockapoos

Wet cockapoo on the beach with tennis ball
Image Credit: platinumportfolio, Pixabay

Even if your Cockapoo knows how to swim, it should never be allowed in the water unsupervised, especially in oceans or rivers. Currents can be unpredictable, and even the strongest swimmer is no match for a rip tide.

If you have a pool in your yard, keep your dog away from it unless they’re supervised. Make sure your dog knows how to get out of the pool.

Cockapoos that spend time on boats should be taught how to safely get in and out of the vessel. Fit your pup with a dog life vest like human passengers.

Try not to let your dog drink the water they’re swimming in. Salt water can make your Cockapoo sick, and freshwater sources often contain parasites and diseases such as leptospirosis. Make sure your pup has had their lepto vaccine if they spend time in or near lakes and rivers.

Rinse and dry your Cockapoo after they’re done swimming to remove salt, chlorine, or debris that may be irritating. Clean out their ears with a dog-safe product to help prevent infection. Watch for signs of an ear infection, including:

  • Shaking or scratching the ears
  • Swelling and redness
  • Strong smell
  • Discharge
  • Pain

Ear infections can be excruciating, so don’t hesitate to get your Cockapoo checked by a vet if you suspect this condition.


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Even though most Cockapoos like water, you’ll find exceptions to every rule. Never force your pup into the water, even if you’re convinced they will enjoy it. Also, take your time introducing your dog to other water activities like boating or paddleboarding.

Cockapoos love to spend time with their people and may enjoy these types of outings, but it’s always best to move slowly with training your dog to accept new things. Patience and plenty of treats should yield the best results!

Featured Image Credit: platinumportfolio, Pixabay

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