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Are Akitas Good With Other Dogs? 7 Socializing Tips & Compatibility Advice

Written by: Adam Mann

Last Updated on April 24, 2024 by Dogster Team

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Are Akitas Good With Other Dogs? 7 Socializing Tips & Compatibility Advice

If you have an Akita and want to take them to the dog park or bring another dog into your home, you should proceed with extreme caution. While Akitas can get along with other dogs, they generally don’t do well with them unless you spend lots of time socializing them first.

Akitas tend to be territorial and want to be alphas of the pack, which can lead to all sorts of issues when you try to introduce them to other dogs.

Is an Akita Good With Other Dogs?

While it’s possible to get an Akita to get along with other dogs in their pack and at least tolerate dogs that aren’t in their pack, Akitas generally don’t get along great with other dogs if you don’t take the necessary steps to socialize them early and often. Akitas like to be the top dog in any group, and they tend to be territorial and protective of their families. While you can train them to behave around other dogs, they’re also just fine as single dogs.

divider-dog pawThe 7 Tips for Socializing an Akita

Even though Akitas don’t always get along great with other dogs, there are some things you can do to help them get along a bit better. With that in mind, we’ve highlighted seven tips to help you socialize your Akita for you here:

1. Meet Their Exercise Needs

If your Akita feels pent up, it won’t matter how much time you spend trying to socialize them; they won’t get along with other dogs. Take them out for walks, spend time with them, and meet all their exercise needs before you try to socialize them.

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Image Credit: YouraPechkin, Shutterstock

2. Expose Your Dog to Other Pets Early and Often

The sooner you can start socializing your Akita, the better. Not only should you start early, but you need to stay consistent and continue to socialize them with other dogs. This matters even if you have another dog in the home with them, as they need consistent exposure to dogs outside their family group.

3. Consider Dog Classes

Akitas are tough dogs to train, so if you don’t have the necessary experience, we highly recommend enrolling them and yourself in some dog classes. This will get your dog some exposure around other dogs in a controlled environment and working with someone who is a professional.

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Image Credit: haha050haha, Pixabay

4. Bring Treats

When you’re trying to socialize an Akita, you’re going to want every advantage you can get, and having some of their favorite treats on hand will go a long way in keeping them motivated. Let them know you have the treats and then reward them when they’re acting the way they should around other dogs.

5. Stay Cautious

Just because your Akita is starting to do well around other dogs doesn’t mean you can let your guard down. All it takes is one moment for something to happen, and it’s up to you to stay in control of the situation before something happens. Look out for warning signs and intervene if necessary.

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Image Credit: PintoArt, Shutterstock

6. Bring a Leash

When you’re starting to socialize your Akita, you want to be able to quickly get in control of them, and keeping them on a leash is one of the easiest ways to do this. This allows you to quickly step in if they start to act out, even if they don’t want to listen to you in the moment.

7. Stay Patient

If your Akita doesn’t do well around other dogs right now, you can’t expect this behavior to change overnight. However, this doesn’t mean your Akita won’t ever get the hang of things. Stick with it and, eventually, you can get them to behave the way they should around other dogs.

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Image Credit: Olga Aniven, Shutterstock

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The Akita is a tough dog breed to own for a multitude of reasons, and if you’re thinking of bringing them around other dogs, it only gets more challenging. It’s not impossible, but unless you have experience with dogs, we recommend starting with an easier breed, keeping them as a single pet, or seeking out professional help when you’re trying to socialize them.

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