Ring Around the Rosie, Pocket Full of … PUPPIES!

Play time isn't over yet for these puppies. Mama dog didn't get her turn!

Liz Acosta  |  Aug 23rd 2012

We’ve noticed that whenever we’re around puppies, we’re instantly transported us back to our youth. There’s something about puppies that brings out the kid in us.

We think the same thing goes for dogs who are around puppies — whenever a puppy is around, even the most elderly, cranky dog will immediately go into a play bow. Sometimes mature dogs are even more playful than puppies!

The mama dog in this video isn’t satisfied when her two pups just want to sit down, so she picks up a toy and entices them to chase her in circles. While one puppy immediately dives in, the other one takes a little convincing to join the fun, but once she does, it’s a family affair that has our hearts fluttering with joy. The two little pups chase the mama with delight, and the best part? The puppies aren’t even hers — they’re fosters, but this mama dog seems to love them nonetheless.

How can we watch this and not feel happy? The looks of joy on the dogs’ faces has got us smiling as well. Heck, we think we’re going to watch it a couple more times even!

Photo: Close-up portrait of Doberman Pinscher by Shutterstock.com