Watch Kira the Lab Swim with the Dolphins

Kira looks right at home frolicking with this pod of dolphins in Mozambique. Pretty sweet life, kid.

Liz Acosta  |  Aug 29th 2012

We could say that dolphins are the Labradors of the sea — intelligent, social animals who love to romp and seem to have a fondness for humans. Or we could say that Labradors are the dolphins of the land? Both mammals are built for swimming — the dolphin with his obvious streamlined body and fins, and the Labrador with her water-resistant double coat, webbed paws, and rudderlike tail. So when the two end up together, as in this video, it seems like a match made in animal heaven.

In this amazing video from Earth Touch, we get a glimpse into an ocean frolic between a Labrador named Kira and a pod of dolphins. Accompanied by — appropriately — Miike Snow’s “Animal,” the video shows Kira and the dolphins chasing each other through the water. Shot with the aid of the robust GoPro camera, the video makes us feel like we are right there with them. Wait, what? No, we’re not crying tears of joy … Kira must have splashed salt water in our eyes! (Seriously, you might be really moved by this video.)

And don’t worry: Kira goes swimming with dolphins with the aid of the Somente Aqua Dolphin Centre in Mozambique, which practices regular and responsible marine mammal interaction.

Via It’s A Lab Thing