Dogster Obsessions: The Starter Kit for Dogs by Wildebeest

Dec 4th 2012  |   21 Contributions

Do you ever wish dogs came with an instruction manual? That might be too much to ask for, but these days you CAN pick up a starter kit!

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Wildebeest, another one of the great local pet brands we have in the Bay Area, has come up with exactly this. And I have to say, when I was a fledgling dog parent almost four years ago, I would have loved to have received one. 

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The kit comes with a four-foot leash, which is the perfect length for someone who is just learning to walk a dog. (Retractable leashes can be dangerous, and I strongly urge you to consider a static leash, especially while you're starting out. They give you better control.)

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Also inside the kit: a collar, an attachable poop baggie holder complete with poop bag, two tennis balls and what might be the smartest portable dog bowl known to man (as illustrated in the video above).  

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When we shot our little video a few weeks back, the kit was retailing for $70, but now I see it marked at $60. That's a terrific value if you consider the pricetags on the individual items included in the kit.  

I am smitten, and can already think of a few friends I need to buy this for stat.

Are there any new dog moms and pops in your world?


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