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A complete guide to dog food and treats: wet, dry, raw and cooked.

Dog food is a contentious topic among pet parents, and the subject of many a debate here on Dogster with good reason – we only want the best for our dogs. A healthy dog is a happy dog, and our dog food section is here to help you make informed decisions about the kibble you pick up at the store or the meals you prepare from scratch at home. Learn how to deal with a finicky eater, get advice on the steps to take if your dog weighs more than he should, and learn about common ingestible hazards and poisons.

Pet Food Recall Alerts

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Talk About Food

Dog Food Recalls

Overabundance of salmonella contamination is definitely worthy of a recall. Would you eat meat that was recalled even though you thought it had "some" (a so-called healthy amount) of salmonella in it?

Lisa P., owner of a Dachshund

Making a Birthday Cake for Dogs

Here's what I do to make a "cake" for my dogs' birthdays. It's super easy and good for them. I invite all the neighborhood doggies and his friends over or we meet at the local park. Take a small cookie sheet, preferably one with sides on it. Get some of that Kong Peanut Butter paste that comes in the aerosol can (like cheese whiz! Ha!) Line the cookie sheet with her normal kibble, layer on some treats or plain white rice if she or her "friends" have sensitive tummies. Decorate with the Kong Paste just like you would a regular cake with frosting. Two cans is perfect, but one will do the trick. I usually write a big number on there for the specific birthday and a paw print or two. The humans love it because it's cute and I love it because it's good for them and EASY. I just let them have at it, or you can scoop out individual portions if you have a crowd that isn't so good at sharing. Happy Birthday!

Michelle B., owner of a Welsh Terrier mix

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