Michael Vick Wants Dogs Again -- Should He Have Them?

 |  Dec 2nd 2009  |   473 Contributions

Here's a dog with something to say about being Michael Vick's next pet. He said a mouthful!

Michael Vick wants to be a dog daddy again.

Only this time, he promises not to hang, electrocute or beat his dogs to death. And there will be absolutely none of that crazy rough horseplay he forced dogs into for years. Oh, we mustn't forget to mention: He won't be drowning or shooting his dogs this time around either.

"I wish I could have a dog right now more than anything in the world," Vick told a group of schoolkids in Newark, NJ, according to NBC New York. "My goal now is to help more animals than I hurt and help turn a negative situation into a positive."

We've heard him talk like this before. Since his release from the federal pen and house arrest this summer, he has made about a half dozen voluntary appearances with the Humane Society of the United States. Humane Society President Wayne Pacelle says Vick will be making many more throughout the years to try to stop the perpetuation of dog fighting.

What he's doing by raising awareness of the horrors of dog fighting is commendable. Some animal advocates have pretty much forgiven him. But while we're quite sure he will never harm a dog again, we wonder how much of this is for public relations, and how much is from the heart? We sincerely hope he has seen the light. We wonder what For the Love of Dog readers think?

Vick isn't allowed to have dogs now, but it's a possibility in the future. Last time we checked, however, dogs weren't exactly lining up to be his personal pooches.


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