I have a toy Poodle. His name is Batman and he has
itchy ears. Could they be to dry? I checked and there
are no mites, but his ears bother him constantly.
What would you recomend I do for his ears?
Thank you,

Pataskala, OH

Dogs with itchy ears may scratch their ears with their hind feet, rub their ears on the ground, or shake their head violently and repeatedly. A number of problems may cause ears to itch.

Allergies are a leading cause of itchy ears in dogs. Dogs may be allergic to fleas, food, or environmental substances such as pollen. Many dogs with allergies suffer from skin problems as well as ear problems, but for some dogs itchy ears are the only symptom.

Ear infections are another common cause of ear itching. Infected ears may also produce a foul odor, and redness or abnormal discharge from the ear may occur.

Foreign objects such as foxtails may lodge in ears and cause intense irritation. And there are many other problems that may lead to symptoms of itching. Plugs of ear wax that form near the ear drum, polyps that grow in the ear canal and mites that infest the ear are just a few.

The long and short of the matter is this: a veterinarian should examine Batman. The itching can only be treated after you know what is causing it.