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Bethany, a Starving Stray with Mange, Retains Love and Trust

Two California rescuers used cheeseburgers to lure the dog, but she warmed to them right away.

 |  Apr 15th 2013  |   11 Contributions

A rescue group in Los Angeles got a call in early April about a homeless dog in really bad shape. A person from that group, known as Hope For Paws, contacted another group called the Bill Foundation, which we've told you about before. Neither of the groups reported where this dog is believed to have come from or what conditions led to horrific state. But the effort did produce some particularly powerful images, including this one:

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Bethany wanted to be close to her human rescuers throughout the car ride. Photo by Annie Hart

This is Bethany.

She was rescued by Eldad Hagar of Hope For Paws and Annie Hart of the Bill Foundation. Despite her horrific condition, she was easily coaxed into the care of Hagar and Hart with the help of a couple of yummy cheeseburgers and chicken. (We wouldn't normally recommend feeding your dog fast food, but if it's all that works to get a stray into the car, then we'll go with it.) And despite being betrayed by the humans who forced her into this world and then abandoned her, Bethany wanted only to be close to her human rescuers as they rushed her to the vet, resulting in the above photo.

The organizations give no details about whether they know who or what subjected her to conditions that led to her current state. Regardless, can you imagine what a capacity for love Bethany must possess? To be forced to fend for herself and still long for the human touch that failed her?

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Bethany when she was first rescued. Photo by Annie Hart

The vets found that not only was Bethany infected with a severe case of mange, she was thoroughly dehydrated, and her body bore evidence of a failed pregnancy -- probably because she was too weak to support puppies. 

While she's off her IV antibiotics, she's still taking oral medication to treat her mange, as well as four types of bacterial infection. But that won't keep Bethany down -- she's getting stronger every day thanks to the loving support of Hagar and Hart, who visit her frequently As she regains her health and her fur, there's growing speculation around which breed Bethany might be. The people who rescued her believe she might be some kind of shepherd mix and only a year or two old.

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Bethany a week into recovery. She already looks so much better. It's amazing what a big difference a little love can make. Photo by Eldad Hagar

You can donate to the Bill Foundation and Hope for Paws here and here. You can also visit the Bill Foundation on Facebook for updates on Bethany and its other rescued dogs. 

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