Sheltered -- The Web Show That Gives Shelter Animals a Voice

 |  Sep 22nd 2007  |   2 Contributions


It is so hard for me to enter an animal shelter. I can't stand not being able to help them all. But someone needs to let these animals tell their tales. "Sheltered," the new web-based series, gives these dogs and cats a way to share their stories. There are a number of ways to watch the episodes including online or via IPod.

Big barks to the "Sheltered" team! This is a very tough subject. Few of us could do what they're doing -- walking into the shelters and bringing out these touching stories.

Here's what the site has to say:

Every person has a story, but so does every animal, and each year, thousands of stray or unwanted pets end up in animal shelters. This show gives them a voice. From running around and playing with friends, to taking baths - wanted or unwanted - and chowin' down, this show helps you to get to know the animals behind the bars.


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