Save Shelter Animals From Research

 |  Apr 7th 2009  |   4 Contributions

Dogster member Carol barked this to me, it's Michigan's disgusting practice of selling animals in shelters to brokers who sell the animals for research.

Right now in Michigan, shelter cats and dogs are allowed to be bought for experimental research. The animals are then euthanized.

Support Michigan House Bill 4663 to eliminate pound seizure in Michigan animal shelters >>

Companion animals depend on humans for their safety and well-being. Tragically, this dependency is betrayed when shelters allow these pets to be taken by Class B Dealers for resale to research.

When Class B dealers (animal brokers) and research facilities can obtain cats and dogs from animal shelters, it diminishes the shelters' credibility and purpose, and betrays public trust.

We have a chance to change this. Please sign today to support Michigan House Bill 4663 >>

Thank you for helping animals today.

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You can help by putting paw to paper and signing the petition on Care2, they have 25,000 signatures and have set a goal for 50,000.

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