Sabbath Memorial Dog Rescue Dogs At Risk

 |  Aug 24th 2009  |   4 Contributions

I want to thank Carol for letting me know about the situation Sabbath Rescue is dealing with. The rescue is about to be closed due to a zoning issue and their 150 dogs are at risk of being put down.

Here's more details from The Pet Postcard Project website.

In light of the enormous foreclosure problem we are experiencing here in south Florida, the number of dogs rescued by Sabbath Rescue within the last two years has exploded. These abandoned dogs, most sickly and inhumanely treated, now have a home where they are cared for, loved, and have the possibility of being adopted. Sabbath has been rescuing dogs for the past 9 years.

And now, Miami-Dade County wants to close Sabbath down because of a kennel license violation. Animal Services director, Sara Pizano, has filed a $5,000 lien on the farmland on which Sabbath is located. Sabbath has been ordered off the farm within 12 days. We will fight this, but regardless, if Animal Services finds that we have not moved in time, it is their intention to forcibly take the 150 dogs to their slaughter.

We desperately need your help to convince the City officials to either immediately issue a kennel license to Sabbath, or, in the alternative, to grant a stay for 12 months in order for Sabbath to resolve this situation.

It would be a horrible tragedy if the rescued dogs who cheated death once got put down without a chance for adoption. Take a minute to sign the petition asking Miami-Dade County for an extension.

If there's anyone who knows how to legally help Sabbath Memorial Dog Rescue and these 150 shelter dogs, please contact Danny Kresky via email or at (954) 929-2097.

* Sabbath, the inspiration to start the rescue.


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