Operation Roger -- Truckers Transporting Dogs and Cats to Safety Across North America

 |  Sep 21st 2007  |   6 Contributions


How many times have you heard about a dog or cat who needed to get from one place to a new home but there was no one to help? Now there is! Operation Roger to the rescue!

Operation Roger is made up of wonderful, caring truckers who transport rescued dogs and cats to new homes around the country. I sure wish they would mark their trucks because as I travel on the highways I'd like to give a Dogster barky honk to each and every one of these "knights of the road!"

So if you work with a rescue and need to help a dog or cat get to a new home, please contact these heroes on wheels.

Here's some information about Operation Roger from their website.

Operation Roger was founded by truck driver Classy Lady in September 2005 after Hurricane Katrina left many animals homeless or separated from their owners.

Her vision grew rapidly from merely hearing about a local crisis, to learning about constant transport needs of other animals, to a desire to help these deserving pets get to safer homes nationwide. This is being accomplished by the willing help of many volunteer truck drivers.

Classy Lady can relate to the feelings of loss as her trucking companion, Roger, a four-year old Toy Manchester Terrier passed away in June of 2005.


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