Jake's Big New Year's Resolution

 |  Dec 30th 2011  |   17 Contributions

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I have become expert at requesting food. Not that it gets me anywhere except being told to "go lie down, Jake!"

Hey, Dogsters. Jake here. Maria is making me do New Year's resolutions this year, but since I've never succeeded in any previous resolutions she said one really big one would be sufficient if I can stick with it.

Dogster dogs, do you have to make resolutions like I do? If so, what are they? I think our people should be the ones making resolutions. Here's one for Maria: "I resolve to always leave meat on the counter and never to suspect Jake when it inevitably goes missing." Do you think she'll buy it?

Well as you can tell from the photo above, my resolution is has do with "begging." Once I lost my extra 10 pounds (and they have stayed off! and it was no resolution, so it goes to show you can lose weight and not have to start on Jan. 1) I started begging more. I prefer to think of it as "requesting." Begging rather demeans the art, don't you think?

So, to make Maria happy, I am hereby resolving that in 2012 I will not do this so much:

And I also won't do this as frequently:

And I especially won't do this:

It's not going to be easy, but after I ate the last bite of Maria's holiday French toast as she was stuck behind the camera taking pictures of my requesting it, she says she fully intends to help me keep my resolution. She said it with "that look." Wish me luck, Dogsters. And maybe send me your leftovers if you think of it.

(Note: I originally put this in the "Crimes Against Dogs" category, but Maria wouldn't let me. Now it's just under "Photo Post" and "Food and Nutrition." Bo-ring!)


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