Happy Halloween! What Are Your Plans?

 |  Oct 29th 2010  |   13 Contributions

Jake the blonde

Whether your dog goes glam or plain, funny or sophisticated, we wish you a Happy Halloween! Tell us your plans for this holiday! What will your dog be wearing? And you?

Jake seems to be set on going as Taylor Swift. He's got the naturally dark "eyeliner," and a crop of curlyish blond hair. All he needs is some painted lips, and it will be very difficult to tell him from the real pop icon.

MTV Video Music Awards Arrivals

(Swift photo: Kramer/AP)

For anyone concerned that Jake looks a little embarrassed to be sporting his blond tresses, please note that no animals were humiliated in the making of this blog post. (See below for a very content Taylor Swift wannabe.)

Jake blond asleep


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