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Tug On This! We Love The Boomering Dog Toy by Abo Gear

The all-natural tug toy is tested for durability by the discriminating dogs of Barking Hound Village Foundation.

 |  Sep 28th 2012  |   0 Contributions

At our animal house, my roommates and I like everything we eat and play with to be all-natural. So naturally (ahem), we're obsessed with the Boomering. This tug toy is made by Abo Gear Aussie Naturals -- which, despite its Down Under-sounding name, is in fact based in Georgia -- and is (as you may have guessed) all-natural.

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The Boomering is made of wool and tough "jutey cotton rope," and filled with coconut fiber. The Boomering is designed to attract playful pups with its unique combination of all-natural scents and textures. And it works!

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Here's another thing my furry roommates and I agree on: supporting businesses that support animal rescue. And it so happens that all ABO Gear Aussie Naturals products are, as the company proudly proclaims, "tested by Atlanta's Toughest Rescue Dogs" -- namely, the rescued residents of Atlanta's excellent Barking Hound Village Foundation, who get to gear-test these posh products while they await their furever homes. As Tiki and Bentley prove in the photo, they gladly wear themselves out in the process.


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