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Show Us Your Rescued Pets!

Our sister site xoJane helps us promote "A Puppy Is Not a Present" and shares photos of its staff's adopted dogs. Now we want to see yours!

 |  Dec 26th 2012  |   58 Contributions

This holiday season, we here at Dogster wanted to do something special, but we weren't sure what. Send gifts to all our readers? Grrr, no room in the budget for that. Volunteer with shelters? But there are so many shelters that need our time. What could we do that we felt would have a huge impact on the welfare of dogs?

We decided on our "A Puppy Is Not a Present" campaign -- an effort to educate and reduce the number of unwanted dogs in the world and end puppy-mill horror stories. As one of our readers pointed out, if ignorance is the problem, education is the best solution we have.

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Impulsive puppy purchases usually don't end well.

We know there are lots of carefully considered gifted dogs welcomed into families who've thoroughly discussed the responsibilities of accepting a new member into the family ... but we also know there are lots of cute doggies in the window who end up as impulsive presents to unsuspecting recipients. That's what we're talking about.

Our friends at xoJane dug our message so much, they decided to run a post with it and feature a gallery of their writers' adopted animals.

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Gala -- Hank (left), is a 12 year old Pitbull; we took him in when he been so badly beaten and was so malnourished he had no fur at all. Dolly (right) was in a crate outside an animal rescue shelter, was on a euthanasia list and had been bounced around several shelters.

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Jane and Charlotte -- Balloon actually comes from a shelter where he was brought after being a present the recipient did not want.

A puppy bursting out of a box with a ribbon tied around its neck is great for the movies, but in real life, it's a scene that often does not have a happy ending.

Check out the xoJane dogs below ... and help us celebrate the holidays by posting photos of your own adopted pooches in the comments, along with stories of how these wonderful animals came into your lives.

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Olivia -- This is my MOM (not me, I'm too young and stupid to care for another life) with Obie, a dog that my bonehead friends were given outside of a bar and when they realized they couldn't take care of him, my mommy found a nice home for him in upstate New York.

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Caruso is a rescue from another friend at our parent company, SAYMedia.

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Tasha is also a rescued pet who makes her home with one of our friends at SAYMedia.

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Corynne -- Ryer is our rescue Pittie from the Bronx, now 2 years old and healed from her hip surgery.

Photos via xoJane ... now show us yours! 


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