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Claire Fletcher's Dog Illustrations Make Us Dream of Summer

The dog days can't come soon enough, and this artist takes us on a little mental summer vacation.

 |  Jan 23rd 2013  |   1 Contribution

Artist Claire Fletcher studied graphic design and illustration at the Central School of Art & Design, Kingston University, and the Royal College of Art. Thanks to her hard work and excellent credentials, she's been able to call herself a professional illustrator since 1990.

Her cleanly designed website reflects her cohesive nostalgic style. Her work feels like turning the pages of a much beloved children's picture book, recalling those days when you'd lie on your tummy and daydream as you flipped through an illustrated story, your imagination whirling with adventures. In those days, summer seemed to last forever, and you lingered outside playing until long after a lavender dusk.

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Spot has a thing for spots.

What caught our attention first is Fletcher's treatment of a little dog rolling on her back. The staccato lines and undisciplined washes of color evoke a sense of movement, as if the dog pictured is about to squirm a few more times, then spring to her feet and shake out her coat, tail wagging with pride. It's a quintessential dog moment captured with skill and nuance.

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You can almost hear her making happy dog sounds!

In another illustration, a young girl holds her best dog friend close -- remember when you didn't worry about dog fur on your clothes?

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Girl's best friend.

Or how about a day at the beach? When you weren't afraid to go dashing into the waves? And if you looked closely enough, you swore you could see mermaids playing in the waves?

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Are those the waves crashing we hear?

We know it's still winter, but spring is on the way, and we can't help daydreaming of spending summer with our dogs after looking at Fletcher's endearing work.

Images via Claire Fletcher's website


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