Check Out Michael Markarian's Review of Presidential Candidates' Records on Animal Protection

 |  Jan 1st 2008  |   4 Contributions


Whether you're in Iowa or New Hampshire and getting ready for this week's primary or with the rest of us in the other states, now's the time to check out Humane Society Legislative Fund's Michael Markarian's review of the presidential candidates on his blog, Animals & Politics. So far, he's covered John Edwards, Mike Huckabee, Barack Obama and Bill Richardson.

The candidates' stands and records on animal protection are very important to everyone, not just those of us concerned with caring for and bettering the position of animals in American life. Why? Because how these men and one woman act towards the undefended and the powerless, animals, tells me a great deal about their character. If they care about those who can't vote or give them them money, then it suggests to me that they are better people in general. When it comes to making decisions that affect us, don't we want someone who thinks about others than just his donors and friends? Don't we want someone in charge who considers everyone and the environment?

I'll be watching for Michael's take on the candidates. I want to know what he knows before I vote.


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