Bus Service Going To The Dogs

 |  Sep 1st 2008  |   1 Contribution

In Berlin (GE), if you hear someone complaining the bus service is going to the dogs you'll be surprised to learn it actually is. There is a doggy day care, located in Beelitz, that offers a shuttle service for their furry clients. If you're too busy in the morning to drop your little furball off, don't worry, the bus from the Pfoetchenhotel (Paw Hotel) will provide pick-up.

Six dogs boarded the bus aimed at helping working pet-owners on its first full day in operation on Monday, at a cost of 15 euros ($22) per passenger, the operators said.

If you think this is like the old yellow school bus you rode when you were a child you're in for a big surpise. The air-conditioned bus with cabins for the dogs comes complete with blankets and music. "The owners were really enthusiastic," a spokeswoman for the Pfoetchenhotel (Paw Hotel) said.

Once at their destination, they can play, eat or relax in special hotel rooms before embarking on their trip home. The bus can take up to 20 dogs and runs 5 days a week.

Forget the dogs...where can I sign up?


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