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Summer Streak Showdown

How well do you know dog breeds? Play and win!

Summer Streak Showdown - Breed Game Contest

Top Streaks for

Daisy (2004 ♥ 2007)19,2061
Vinny, Tallulah Belle4,7857
♥ Penny Ann, My Angel4,6469

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Test your doggie smarts by correctly selecting the pictured breed.


The 3 players with the longest streaks from Aug 1-Sept 22 will win big prizes. This challenge is not about the highest score, this is about the longest streak - how many consecutive questions you answer correctly in one session of game play.

  • Grand Prize: Dyson Vacuum
  • Second Prize: Flip HD Video Camera
  • Third Prize: $100 PetSmart Gift Card (good for use in-store or online)
  • 5 Door Prizes: $25 PetSmart Gift Card (good for use in-store or online)
Every player has a chance to win.
Everyone who plays the game from Aug 1 to Sept 22 will automatically be entered into the drawing for the door prizes, and everyone with a streak of over 100 will get entered twice!

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How Scoring Works

A streak is the number of correct answers you get in a row, in one session of game play. A session can expire if you are idle for a long time or if you close and restart your browser. A wrong guess will restart your streak. Only your longest streak will be saved.

You must be logged in for your streak to be recorded and to be entered into the Summer Streak Showdown. You will see your longest streak display below your total score as you play. Any game play (and corresponding streaks) this month will be automatically added to your Summer Streak Showdown score - you do not have to do anything special to enter the contest.

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