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March 8th 2013 6:29 am
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Today is my Gotcha Day!
Yesterday I went to the vet for my annual check up and she said everything looks great, though I could afford to loose a couple of pounds. I told mom that I agree with everything she said, except for that. Believe me, I am not the "on a diet" kind of girl. Mom got a little sad because the vet said that I will be a senior in 2016. I really don't get it. It's 3 years from now, mother!
Anyways, I am expecting a day of celebration and presies, let's see what the day brings!
Thanks to River and Trickle for the beautiful star!


Four Years!

December 24th 2012 5:41 pm
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I am so happy! It was supposed to be raining today, but instead we had a very mild day. We even got to go for a long walkie and I got to play lots and lots with Dad while mom was cooking. She made me MeatzTM
muffins and she gave me one, in all its meaty glory! Mom says that today is special because it's my Birthday. She can't believe I am four but my years are showing now. I am more mature, I take longer naps and I behave better and learn tricks a little faster. Mom says that I cannot say that I behave well, so I don't think HoHo will make a stop tonight ;)
I want to thank Whitley, Hershey, Winkie, Zoe, Lexi, Angel Lexi, Roscoe and Monnie pal Droopy and Forrest for the beautiful pic he made of me. I am such a lucky pupster! I have friends, I have a fun life, and I love being me!


Moi? Dog of he Day?

March 17th 2012 5:35 pm
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Wow, We just learned I am Dog of the Day!
Mom was busy (i.e. wasting her time) and had not signed up to check Dogster until 7:00 pm. I am thinking of getting a more efficient typist.
Thanks Dogster and thanks everypaw specially Hershey and Winkie, Pepper, Walker, Alexandria, Molly and Pookah, Fizzy, Droopy, Zoe and Family, Lexi, Monnie and Roscoe, Onyx and Fenrir,, Lucky Isabella, Baron, Fitzcairn, Rusty and O'Zadie (BOL!). I am very glad to have such amazing friends to share this distinction with! Thanks to Cooper for a beautiful pic celebrat the day!
I wish mom knew how to upload it to my page!


Follow the nose

December 14th 2011 6:00 pm
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I was chilling by the window when the utility meter reading guy came into our back yard. By now I am used to him, I know that even if I get excited, the guy will only come in, read and leave with out even looking at me (sight!). A little while later we went for our walk. As usual, Dad put my collar and my harness on, I sat near the door and waited until I allowed to go out, but as you may have noticed I did not have a leash on! I usually walk next to Dad even off leash, but this time I just lost my mind! I run to the back yard gate and started tracking a scent like a cocker: tail wagging, coming back and forth, running around. Dad had no idea why I was running around although he knew why I was not listening when he called me back 'cause when I am sniffing something I never do, BOL! I was determined to follow the mystery scent and Dad started getting nervous because he had no control over me! I run around following the scent like crazy until I found him! Hello meter reading guy, we meet each other! It was awesome! I didn't even jump on him. I just sat and waited until he pet me. The guy was a little startled, I don't think he was expecting to see me. It was a great morning, sunny, warm and finally my dream came true. Of course dad was very nervous and mom could not stop laughing. I think it was one of those times she was laughing because she was scared, I can't figure out why. I had a blast tracking my friend although I don't think this will help my case with Ho-Ho's Good list, BOL!


All hell broke loose!

November 16th 2011 6:20 pm
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Dad and I are taking a fun class that combines Rally, freestyle and challenges. One of the challenges is to ignore stuff on the ground. It is soooo hard! You need to understand, they want me to ignore not just anything, but slices of turkey or ham, stuffies, a canvas frisbee and a very enticing rubber plunger (not used though, unfortunately). C'mon people. All those things are yelling Fetch me, eat me, squeeze me!! Needless to say I have been giving dad a hard time in class so we have been practicing at home. I was practicing the "Not yours" exercise with mom and I have been getting pretty good. The other day we were working on leaving alone a single piece of kibble: simple or so mom thought. She said, "Not yours" and I ignored the kibble and got a lot of high value treats for it, but then the stakes got higher. Mom called me back to her and I just couldn't leave the kibble there by it self, alone on the cold ground, so... I decided to eat it. Mom's eyes got really big and trying not to laugh, she said oops and walked to the next room closing the door behind her. She wanted to give me a time out. To me? Is she mental? I tried to get in with her but I was taken by surprise and did not have time, she just closed the door right on my face! I had been left out! I was like Oh no, she did not! I was not going to put up with that! She went in with the intention of giving a 60 second time out, but I just lost my mind. I was howling and scratching at the door non stop, I even barked which is really rare. All she was able to do was waiting for 10 miserable seconds or else I would start the scratching and the howling all over again. I really threw an epic tantrum and she was unable to complete her silly time out, BOL! I think the "don't challenge a cocker spaniel" part of mom's training is complete. Now to have my dad make a fool of himself in class when I eat the ham out the floor and my job here is done!


Fun, fun, fun!

November 3rd 2011 8:12 pm
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I am so excited! I am going back to daycare tomorrow! I go there once a week because mom cleans the whole house and the vacuum and I are not best friends. I don't exactly hate it, but I prefer mom gets to play with it on her own time. My pawrents were no so dumb about the vacuum. They introduced it to me little by little and now I am so habituated that I can lay beside it almost with no problem. Mom thinks that I am even displaying calming signals. The issues start when I get tired of it and intentionally get in the way so mom has to turn it off. Sometimes I do this just when the noise starts. Of course mom blows me off, tells me she is sorry and proceeds, which means she is not really sorry! The last few cleaning days have been a nightmare. I don't like it when the vacuum touches my favorite spots and don't even mention my bed! I don't appreciate having a dog hair-free dog bed, it's ridiculous! The Roomba on the other hand... It's my nemesis! Don't tell mom, but I bit its rear the other day. It was harassing me and out of control. I had never bitten anything like that, but I couldn't take it anymore! So tomorrow, no noise, no worries about my spots, only joy to see furiends and caretakers! Gotta go. I have to get my beauty sleep and look my best tomorrow!


I dodged the costume bullet!

October 31st 2011 4:12 pm
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I am a lucky pupster! Mom never got around buying my Halloween costume, Isn't it fantastic? She first considered dressing me as a moth, then she wanted me to go as a skunk. Oh, the humiliation! She desisted the idea because the costume looks very warm and I get too hot. She could have taken advantage of my fur color, but she could not find a way to fit the skunk tail in mine, and she was right, I would have taken it off in two seconds. Fortunately for me mom is a professional procrastinator, so she suddenly realized today was the day and she got up earlier than usual. She was supposed to take the shuttle to the mall, but on her way to the stop, she noticed the road was blocked because they were moving a HOUSE? Yes, right there, in the middle of the road a whole house! Anyways, the road was blocked and mom had to come back home because she had other things to do, so no costume! Dad is thinking of silly alternatives and last minute possible costumes, wish me luck so mom can find them too lame to try them out. I can hear them arguing right now, BOL!


Sleeping Beauty

October 26th 2011 5:49 pm
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Our night routine goes a little like this. After going for a walk, dancing, playing and training, I have my dental chew. Later, dad takes me to my last potty break. Then lights are turned off, dad feeds me some more treats, I drink a little water and go lay down. For that I can choose from a crate, a dog bed, one of 2 mats, a cote, a futon and the family bed. I call it that because I SHARE it with my pawrents. I go in the family bed only when it's chilly and only if my pawrents are not moving too much or my dad is not snoring. Last night was cooling down and around 2 in the morning I got cold, so I wanted in the bed, but I decided I wanted EXACTLY dad's spot. I woke him up by grunting and staring at him. He barely woke up and sat on the bed and faster than he could realize, I took his spot near the pillows. He had no heart to move me 'cause I gave him my best Bamby eyes, which usually work. The poor thing had to get a blanket and go sleep on the futon. A little later, mom got up to get some water and when she got back, I had stretched belly up horizontally right in the middle of the bed, so she had no other choice than going to the futon next to dad. There they were sleeping in a 31 in. wide futon while I had the bed all to my self, no movement, no noise, no dad snoring, just me and my dreams...


Career ending injury

October 1st 2011 4:59 pm
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Yesterday I went to see the eyedogter. I have to go see her very few weeks to know how my eyes are coming along. Fortunately, my surgery eye is OK and the other has not developed the cataract yet. She gave us some bad news though. I used to practice flyball. I love it, it has everything! Balls, other dogs, chasing (sort of), you get to bark your head off with out humans making a fuzz and you get a treat if you do everything right. My pawrents discovered that it was something I could do because I like to run with stuff in my mouth. It took months of training for me to get the hang of it, but finally I was able to do each and every part of the process and I loved every second! I even attended a tournament. It was not the best performance, but I made enough points to get a Flyball Dog title, that in my case is big achievement. I am sad though 'cause the eye dogter said that it is a very harsh game and I have the risk of retinal detachment so the diagnosis: No more flyball for me :( We are looking for some activity that involves moving and is easy on my eye, but I am surely going to miss flyball.


Down on my luck!

September 27th 2011 7:29 pm
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It finally happened! My crate came back out a week ago and I have been hiding in it every time I sense danger. This afternoon though, no access to it, door closed, locked out! This can only mean one thing, pawrents getting ready to give me a bath. My Bambi eyes made no difference, dad picked me up and into the tub I went. I mentioned to my pawrents they were acting against the eyedogter indications, but they did not care. They did not care either when I mentioned they were acting against my nature since I hate baths, but no difference. Wet, lather, rinse and repeat! Good thing I got my cream cheese and no blow dryer, it is not that cold yet. By the way, those so anxiously awaited turkey necks...not here yet >:-(! Like my problems weren't enough!

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