Presa Canario Dogs

Strong-bodied and strong-willed, the Canary Dog makes for a powerful overall canine. It does best with an experienced dog owner who knows how to provide firm but positive training. When the Presa Canario is properly trained and socialized from an early age, it can be a loving and loyal family friend. And if you’re looking for a dependable guard dog, look no further than the Perro de Presa Canario.

Presa Canario

Presa Canario Pictures

  • Presa Canario dog named Penny
  • Presa Canario dog named Senorita
  • Presa Canario dog named Mosamo
  • Presa Canario dog named Grissum
  • Presa Canario dog named Hemi
  • Presa Canario dog named CH TOP NOTCH VIRTUE'S VILLAIN
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Quick Facts

  • 80 - 130 pounds
  • 21 - 25 inches

Ideal Human Companions

    • Active singles
    • Families with older children
    • Experienced dog handlers
    • Outdoorsy types

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Trademark Traits

    • Powerful
    • Intelligent
    • Independent
    • Protective
    • Active

Things You Should Know

The Presa Canario can live as long as 12 years with relatively few genetic health issues. Some may develop hip dysplasia and epilepsy. Fairly easy to groom, the Presa Canario’s harsh coat does not shed too much and just needs the occasional brushing and bathing. It needs a good, daily walk to stay mentally and physically fit.

Presa Canario History

The Perro de Presa Canario (also known as the Canary Dog) originated in the Canary Islands four centuries ago. No one knows for sure how the Presa Canario came to be, but some have theorized that Spanish invaders brought Mastiffs that bred with native dogs to create this tough and durable guard dog and cow herder.

The Look of a Presa Canario

The Perro de Presa Canario has a powerful, medium-to-large frame covered in a harsh, flat coat that can usually be found in solids or combinations of brown, black and brindle. Sometimes the Canary Dog’s face has a dark mask. It has a large, square head with a wide muzzle, black nose, oval-shaped eyes and ears (pendant or erect) that are set above the eyes. Its thick tail is usually carried high. Overall, the Presa Canario looks well built and commanding.

Talk About Presa Canarios 

The most intelligent dog I have ever had

I own a Presa Canario and he is the most gentle and loving dog i have ever had. Anywhere I go, everyone is amazed at his beautiful brindle coat and how well behaved he is. I can walk him stop on a dime and he sits right next to me. He never pulls and is the MOST intelligent dog I have ever had (this being my 5th dog). I would recommend this breed to anyone who knows what they're doing with dogs because if you're not a strong owner and pack leader the dog will have problems. For any intelligent dog owners this is the breed for you - they are very loyal and very loving.

~Tommy F., owner of a Presa Canario

A smart cookie

I've had my Presa Canario for about a month now and I can't believe how much this dog has already learned. She just turned 13 weeks and knows 10 different commands. She's also great with everyone else in the household and never causes any problems, which is unheard of when it comes to puppies this age.

Presa Canarios are great dogs. If you're thinking about getting one you have to be a firm owner, not a mean one. You must always be in control. This is my second dog and I don't think I'll go with another breed for the rest of my life.

~Allen H., owner of a Presa Canario