English Pointer Dogs

They may have a reputation for being rustic hunters, but around the home English Pointers are gentle and mannerly. Protective, alert and very loyal, a well-socialized English Pointer combines the best attributes of both sporting dog and household companion. Gentle and playful with children, English Pointers also are trainable, intelligent and clean.

English Pointer

English Pointer Pictures

  • English Pointer dog named Herb
  • English Pointer dog named Amelia (In Memoriam)
  • English Pointer dog named Buster *Our dearly missed boy*
  • English Pointer dog named MyKyna Couch Potato -Sebastian
  • English Pointer dog named Julia (In Memoriam)
  • English Pointer dog named In Loving Memory of Annie Mae
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Quick Facts

  • 55 – 75 pounds | male
    45 – 65 pounds | female
  • 25 - 28 inches | male
    23 - 26 inches | female

Ideal Human Companions

    • Families with older children
    • Active Singles
    • Outdoorsy types

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Trademark Traits

    • Strong
    • Clever
    • Dependable
    • Hardworking
    • Loyal
    • Friendly

Things You Should Know

A classic sporting dog, the English Pointer has loads of energy. It needs room to run, daily walks and constructive “tasks” to keep it mentally sharp. If you’re a jogger or powerwalker, take your English Pointer along—you’ll tire out long before it does.

English Pointers can live as long as 14 years. Common health issues include hip dysplasia, skin allergies and epilepsy. Pointers are easy to groom: Brush them every few days, and check their ears regularly for infection.

English Pointer History

The English Pointer (also known as the Pointer) was most likely developed in the mid-17th century by crossing various Foxhounds, Greyhounds, Setters and Bloodhounds. The result was the first true pointer, i.e., a hunting dog that stops immediately when it spots game and “points” in its direction.

The Look of a English Pointer

English Pointers have lean, muscular, athletic frames covered in sleek, shiny coats that come in liver, black, yellow or orange; either solid or with white patches. Their clean-cut heads have long muzzles and jaw-length ears. They have round, alert eyes that come in varying shades of brown depending on the coat color. Their long necks slope down to narrow shoulders, strong backs and thick tails. Overall, Engish Pointers have a sporty yet elegant look.

Talk About English Pointers 

Some tips for someone hunting for an English Pointer

English Pointers are very beautiful dogs and they love you back intensely. They are incredible athletes, and watching them work in the field pointing, flushing birds and retrieving is truly amazing. They are great with families and highly recommended as a pet. Here are some tips for someone looking to take home an English Pointer (I am a veterinarian and this is my opinion):

1. Pick one with a more slanted forehead, as the ones with a pronounced dish face are more likely to have prolapse of the lacrimal gland (cherry eye). 2. The pointers on the smaller end of the breed's permitted size are less likely to develop hip dysplasia. 3. Personally I think the ones with big solid spots on a white freckled background are more beautiful and would make the breed more popular as pets and hunting dogs.

~Dario D., owner of an English Pointer