Curly-Coated Retriever Dogs

Curly-Coated Retrievers really excel in the field. They are athletic, determined, dependable and strong. Around the home, however, they are surprisingly relaxed and gentle. A fine companion to a wide range of humans—from the rugged outdoorsman to the playful child—Curly-Coated Retrievers are remarkably easygoing and open when it comes to family. When it comes to strangers, these dogs need a little more time to warm up. With proper training and socialization, the Curly-Coated Retrievers can be perfectly sociable and adaptable.

Curly-Coated Retriever

Curly-Coated Retriever Pictures

  • Curly-Coated Retriever dog named DKCH-J INTCH Capercaillies Lig
  • Curly-Coated Retriever dog named Penelope
  • Curly-Coated Retriever dog named Seamus Patrick Meagher
  • Curly-Coated Retriever dog named Andy
  • Curly-Coated Retriever dog named
  • Curly-Coated Retriever dog named Shadowbrooks Hurricane Hunter
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Quick Facts

  • 70 - 100 pounds
  • 23 - 27 inches

Ideal Human Companions

    • Families
    • Singles
    • Active, sporty types
    • Hunters & fishermen

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Trademark Traits

    • Amiable
    • Clever
    • Agile
    • Good swimmer
    • Sensitive

Things You Should Know

Curly-Coated Retrievers can live as long as 12 years. Common health issues include hip dysplasia, heart problems and eye problems. Its beautiful coat is fairly easy to groom. Bathe occasionally, but avoid brushing except during shedding seasons; otherwise, the coat can get slightly frizzy.

Curly-Coated Retrievers were born to frolic in the wild and help people. These highly intelligent creatures need lots of love, attention, fresh air and “tasks” to keep them mentally and physically healthy.

Curly-Coated Retriever History

The Curly-Coated Retriever is one of the oldest retriever breeds, but not much is known about its origins. First appearing at an English dog show in the 19th century, the Curly-Coated Retriever is believed to have derived from the ancient English Water Spaniel, the St. John's Newfoundland and the Poodle. It was, and still is, prized as an excellent water retriever, not to mention a cuddly household companion.

The Look of a Curly-Coated Retriever

The Curly-Coated Retriever is a medium-to-large sized dog covered in a coat of tight little curls. Its wide, wedge-shaped head has a tapered muzzle, almond-shaped eyes and small ears that hang close to the head. Its erect, well-balanced body has strong legs and a straight tail. Overall, the Curly-Coated Retriever has a uniquely rugged and graceful look.