Black Russian Terrier Dogs

Bred to guard and protect across many different climates, the Black Russian Terrier is a watchful, inquisitive and adaptable dog. It also passionately loves its family. Warm and engaging with adults, the Black Russian Terrier is naturally protective and loving with children. This is a confident canine, but it needs lots of attention and affection to feel complete. No matter how big your house or yard, the Black Russian Terrier will want to be close to you.

Black Russian Terrier

Black Russian Terrier Pictures

  • Black Russian Terrier dog named Oscar (2002-2005)    :(
  • Black Russian Terrier dog named Czar Nicholas
  • Black Russian Terrier dog named Molly Bear
  • Black Russian Terrier dog named Kalinka's Fantastic Kolobok
  • Black Russian Terrier dog named Kalinka's Top Model
  • Black Russian Terrier dog named Ztyx
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Quick Facts

  • 80 - 143 pounds
  • 25 - 29 inches

Ideal Human Companions

    • Experienced dog handlers
    • Active singles
    • Families with older children
    • Outdoorsy types

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Trademark Traits

    • Stout
    • Bold
    • Calm
    • Dependable
    • Versatile

Things You Should Know

The Black Russian Terrier can live as long as 12 years with relatively few genetic health problems. Some may develop hip dysplasia or ear infections. Its wiry coat should be brushed several times a week and clipped by a professional several times a year.

Because it tends to relax indoors, the Black Russian Terrier will be happy living in an apartment as long as it gets several good daily walks. It also loves the occasional romp through fields and lakes, so if you can arrange that in a protected area, it will truly have a ball.

Black Russian Terrier History

Developed by the Soviet Union, the Black Russian Terrier derived from a mix of Giant Schnauzers, Rottweilers, Newfoundlands and Airedale Terriers. Bred to be a dependable and robust police, guard and working dog, the Black Russian Terrier eventually made its way out of Russia to Siberia, Nova Scotia and the United States.

The Look of a Black Russian Terrier

Black Russian Terriers have large, hearty frames covered in thick, black, somewhat disheveled coats. Their broad, powerful heads have oval-shaped eyes, bearded muzzles and big, black noses. They have small, V-shaped ears that hang close to the cheek. Black Russian Terriers have strong necks, deep chests, sturdy backs and thick tails that are usually docked and carried high.

Talk About Black Russian Terriers 

They are AMAZING dogs

I cannot say enough wonderful things about the Black Russian Terrier. They are loving, SMART, wonderful with children and the elderly and very easy to live with.

My Black Russian Terrier can charm just about everyone he meets. He is easy to live with and LOVES to travel. I socialized him from the first day I brought him home. I believe a well behaved dog is important but a well socialized dog is a must. He is welcomed wherever we go.

~V Johnson, owner of a Black Russian Terrier