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It's Casper, the Friendly, Giant Samoyed!

Does your big dog think he is a lap dog? Casper the friendly Samoyed sure seems to think he is.

 |  Aug 13th 2012  |   5 Contributions

When I found this photo floating around the Internet, my first thought as an unabashed big mutt lover was, "Oh my dog -- look at that huge dog!"

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I love big mutts and I cannot lie! And that's one big pup!

Nearly as tall as his human friend, the dog's snowy white coat and adorable button eyes instantly won my heart. When I learned that there were even more photos of this gentle giant available via his human's Tumblr, I was hooked, and knew -- as your faithful Cuteness Correspondent -- that I had a responsibility to share him with you!

His name is Casper, and he will be 3 at the end of August. He's a happy, healthy Samoyed whose parents are both champion show dogs. Since he was adopted on Halloween, his family decided to name the sweet pup Casper! He's also the cohost of Virtually Life on YouTube with his bipedal friend, Steven.

And did we mention that Casper is totally adorable?

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Casper looks adorable when resisting temptation.

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When smiling.

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When inviting you to play.

The Scotland-born Steven, who studied computer game programming in college, is a photographer and a musician who regularly vlogs about his daily life. Casper makes frequent appearances in the videos, as well as on Steven's Tumblr.

Casper also seems to think he is a lap dog -- keep on dreaming, big fella!

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No Casper, you're not a lap dog.

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No, not even close.

 Thanks to Steven for letting me share these adorable photos of Casper with Dogster!


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