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Forget Cats and Dogs -- the Weather Puppy iPhone App Rains Cuteness

Got a raincloud hovering over you? Don't worry, Weather Puppy will bring sunshine to your heart.

 |  Oct 25th 2012  |   1 Contribution

As I recently checked the weather I noticed, to my dismay, that rain was forecast. Bummer. I'm from Southern California. In Los Angeles, when it rains, we hide inside and wonder if the world is about to end. In San Francisco, folks just put on their raincoats and trudge to work, no matter what kind of slippery mess the bus has turned into. This is going to be my first winter in San Francisco, so now's the real test, right?

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This is the face I make when it rains. Photo: Big dog wearing big red rubber boots by

Maybe I should download Weather Puppy, an iPhone app that brightens dreary weather forecasts with ... a puppy! Even the rainiest day can't scare me back into bed when I've got an adorable puppy delivering the wet news. Gosh, maybe one day I'll even see snow (I've never seen snow in person), as long as Weather Puppy leads the way.

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Pretty glad I'm not in Portland.

It's a simple yet brilliant concept. Weather Puppy delivers the weather for your region, accompanied by a photo of a puppy. The puppies alternate as the weather changes, so at first you're like, "Bummer! Rain!" and then you're like, "Oh sweet, a PUPPY!" It sure turns my raincloud frown upside down.

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We can't control the weather -- or much else, for that matter -- but we can control how we confront obstacles, and Weather Puppy is just the thing to help make things easier.

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