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Feeling Devastated? Your Cure Is Twitter's @EmergencyPuppy!

When tragedy strikes -- large or small -- search for this user because puppies make everything better.

 |  Sep 27th 2012  |   0 Contributions

Ever have one of those moments that totally devastates you? And we mean the sort that's brought on by life's more trivial tragedies, like finding out that Starbucks is out of soy milk or that Tumblr won't load a funny picture. Of course we'll live through it, but sometimes, when the nice young dude at the register tells us that, no, they can't make our white mocha with soy milk, our hearts sink.

That's when we pull our our smart phones and log onto Twitter, where @EmergencyPuppy saves the day!

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This? Oh, I'm not hungry. Not at all. Just experimenting with a new fashion direction. Yep, all the cool kids do this.

@EmergencyPuppy is also known as Emergency Cute Stuff, so while the bulk of the tweets contain puppies, there are other cute animals -- like an otter curled up under a comforter or a cat pushing a kitten in a tiny shopping cart -- all provided to help brighten dark moments.

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Dachshunds? DACHSHUNDS!

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What're you thinkin' about? Oh, puppy stuff, I guess.

Emergency Puppy is also good for those of us who, for one reason or another, can't have a dog of our own to come home to after a tough day at work. Looking at photos of puppies isn't nearly as good as a warm, furry body to wrap our arms around, but it's the second best thing, and it always puts a smile on our faces.

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Puppy, studying.

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Here is a bowl of puppies to help you start your week off right.

So quick! Follow @EmergencyPuppy to help ward off sudden bad moods, cranky attitudes, and general malaise.

Photos via @EmergencyPuppy on Twitter 


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