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Dogs Do "Duckface" with the Quack Muzzle from Oppo

It's more a momentary gag than a serious training device -- but it makes funny photos.

 |  Jan 2nd 2013  |   0 Contributions

Maybe you have a friend who constantly purses her lips for her Instagram "selfies," or maybe you've been guilty of it yourself (as charged!), but the puzzling "duckface" trend seems to strike even the most honorable among us. And even if you swear you've never committed this photo faux pas, you've certainly been in the presence of someone who has.

The strange pose is so ubiquitous that even dogs have caught on to it. Sort of.

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"Does this pose make my lips look bigger?"

The Japanese are responsible for generating the mega goddess of cute -- Hello Kitty -- and, paradoxically, this thing:

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Uh ... wait, what?

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"There better be treats."

It's uh ... well, let's see. It's a muzzle. For your dog. That looks like a duck bill. It's made by Oppo, and it's called the Quack. Just what you always needed!

It's designed for smaller breeds, and we don't think it's intended for long-term wear or to alleviate any problems your dog might have playing nice with others. For that kind of stuff we'd recommend a more permanent solution such as positive reinforcement training.

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Better than the cone of shame?

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That's kind of adorable. Also kind of weird.

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"Admittedly, it does help funnel delicious scents to my nose."

But for a quick gag, a snap of your cell phone camera, a post to Instagram, and many many rewarding treats to your dog friend, the Quack is pretty hilarious. We're amused by its sheer existence, and we're in awe of the patience of our pooches to allow us to do this kind of stuff to them. Then again, we don't know anyone else who'll brazenly hump a guest's leg in the living room, so yeah, we bet the dogs don't actually care.

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"We are going to eat ALL THE SHOES for this -- mark our words, human!"

Images via Oppo, find via The Urban Walker


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