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Pippi the Rescued Chihuahua Gets Her Own 2013 Calendar

Celebrate Pippi's second chance at life with her wily pack, Los Cuatro Chihuahuas.

 |  Dec 26th 2012  |   0 Contributions

Have you met Pippi? She weighs only a petite four pounds, but she has the spirit of a Great Dane. Pippi was rescued from a shelter in Los Angeles about a year ago riddled with severe mange that made all her fur fall out. But that didn't stop her human friend, Jenny, from seeing Pippi's inner beauty. The little Chihuahua got a second chance at life when she went home with Jenny, where she was welcomed into a pack of similarly pint sized pups -- Tibby, Twiggy, and Kodi. Together they are Los Cuatro Chihuahuas, and they're here to brighten your day with compact cuteness.

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Four times the cuteness!!!

Pippi has her own Tumblr, where she documented her transformation from mangy stray to beautiful, furry, loved family member. Pippi is such a good-looking dog now that she's decided to bring her beauty to 2013, with a calendar full of photos of her and Los Cuatro Chihuahuas.

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Not that kind of calendar! ...

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This kind of calendar.

Featuring more than 40 beautiful, full color, glossy images with humorous captions, the calendar is priced at $30, but that also includes free shipping within the U.S. and a $5 donation to rescue groups who aid dogs specifically suffering from mange. We've got a copy of the calendar in the office, and it really is gorgeous -- especially for any Chihuahua lovers out there!

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Here's just one of the pages from the calendar. It's cute, right?!

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March ... in like a Chihuahua lion!

For more information on the calendar and how to purchase it, check out the Pippi Facebook page, where you'll also find more photos of the petite pups.

Photos via Pippi's Facebook and Tumblr


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