Why would ALL 4 of my dogs just eat wood every chance they get?

They do not discriminate.... if it is wood, it gets chewed or eaten.... even the arm of my couch!

ASKED BY Ratchet on 6/5/13
TAGGED wood, chew, eat IN Chewing


Why does Bill love to eat wood?

I have had Bill since September of 2012, he was nine months old and came with tons of bad habits. We do training, agility and lots of play dates to…

ASKED BY Bill on 5/30/13
TAGGED sticks, eatinghabbits, wood IN Other Behavior & Training

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What do I do about my thunder-fearing, destructive dog?

During thunder storms Only when we are away Tears up wood near sliding doors She is 9 years old Causes injury to herself I'd rather not use drugs…

ASKED BY Member 1124083 on 8/4/12
TAGGED thunder, destructive, wood IN Behavior & Training

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Dogs and hardwood floors the noise is a nuance please help?

We moved to a house with hardwood and my dog passes old night and the noise is unbearable. We have put wax and trimmed her paws every other day…

ASKED BY Member 1121947 on 7/22/12
TAGGED yrsold, hardwoodfloor, noise IN Behavior & Training

Updating my home. It was recommended to me to have at least some of the hard flooring a wood or wood looking product?

Bamboo was recommended to me by a local lumber wood type flooring store. I'd prefer to stay away from laminate, as this is what I am replacing, it…

ASKED BY "Jazz" on 7/1/12
TAGGED flooring, woodflooring, largedogs, cleanflooring, homeupdates, doggiedoor, flooring IN Dogs and a Clean Home

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I found a dog with a bullet wound, but I can't take it to the vet. How can I help it?

My dad and I recently moved into an area deep in the woods, a friend of his owns all the property around here and offered to let us live in a…

ASKED BY Member 1086313 on 1/22/12
TAGGED bulletwound, openwound, leg, hip, nomoney, nobandage, ointment, antibiotics, gunshot, gun, hunter, woods, adopted IN Emergencies & First Aid


Is apple wood dangerous for dogs?

Dakota got hold of an apple wood stick this morning.I had bought them as treats for my rabbits.I have heard that some fruit woods can be harmful to…

ASKED BY Dakota on 10/1/11
TAGGED apple, chewing, wood, sticks, dog, dangerous, poison IN Health & Wellness

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Help me stop my JRT eating wood (sticks and wood chip) please! He's not a naughty chewer in the house just on walks?

We have a 7 month old puppy who gets walked twice a day between 30 minutes and 60 minutes each time. I had to clear all the wood chip from the back…

ASKED BY Member 1023572 on 2/16/11
TAGGED wood, stick, sticks, eating, eat, walks, walk, chewing IN Chewing

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