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3-4 year old lab mix whining a lot for what seems to be no reason?

Hi! I got my 3ish lab mix (Morris) from a shelter about 4 months ago. He was heartworm positive and just recently successfully finished…

ASKED BY Member 1241474 on 1/26/15
TAGGED whining, lab, shelter, training IN Behavior & Training


Whining dog?

I have a staffie dog of around 20 months old and she cannot settle if my brother puts her to bed at night, she can if I do, my mum does or my dad, but…

ASKED BY Molly on 11/18/14
TAGGED whining, cries, puppy IN The Dogster Website


My puppy randomly whines and yelps as if she's in pain and lays down and refuses to move?

I adopted my puppy almost two months ago. Since she was from an animal shelter she had to be spayed at 12 weeks, which is too early in my opinion, but…

ASKED BY Mya on 10/7/14
TAGGED whining, yelping, random, pain IN Other Health & Wellness

Big Jim

My lhasa has just started crying and whining and scratching at the from door even when he's just been out?

Hi my puppy Jim is normally energetic in the day and then calm at night he gets tired round half 8 and normally wakes up around half 6. In the past…

ASKED BY Big Jim on 5/8/14
TAGGED lhasa, humping, whining, crying, diarrhoea IN Behavior & Training

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How to curb a dog from whining?

I have an 11 month old boxer lab mix. He is a very well trained dog except for the fact that he whines all the time. I have been to the vet and they…

ASKED BY Member 1223036 on 4/17/14
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Can you help me identify this strange behavior?

My 3 year old lab mix who I have had since she was 9 weeks old has recently started acting strange in the house. When I am sitting down she nudges…

ASKED BY Sammie on 3/25/14
TAGGED whining, anxiety IN Other Behavior & Training

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How to stop a whining puppy?

Hi, I have a 3 months old pomeranian who always whine for attention. I had him for about a week or so from an irresponsible boarding house mate who…

ASKED BY Member 1205608 on 12/23/13
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Emergency! I need my dog's behavior stopped fast. He yelps, spins, and whines like crazy?

Okay, so my dog is a miniature Doberman. We got him from the pound and when it's time to go to sleep and we put him in the kennel, he starts…

ASKED BY Member 1205450 on 12/21/13
TAGGED dog, spin, spinning, emergency, yelping, whining, doberman, pound, kennel IN Other Behavior & Training

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