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My dog is not acting herself, behavior I have not seen, please help?

I am worried about my 5 year old chiuauaua sorry if spelled wrong, anyways she is a great little dog, but the last few days she is not herself, like I…

ASKED BY Member 1134234 on 10/4/12
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I just got resently married and my husband and I moved into an apartment. I have a mixed breed female dog. She is having?

I need help with her behavior when we leave. She doesn't use the bathroom inside. I come home and take her out every four hours. I work very close…

ASKED BY Member 1107404 on 4/24/12
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What can I do to make oakley feel more comfortable on walks? My dogs were attacked by two bull mastiffs about two months?

ago (just two puncture wounds on sadie and a lot of soreness...yes i know i was amazed too because they are only 5 and 6 punds vs 100…

ASKED BY ❤ Sadie ❤ on 10/15/10
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My dog gets so excited he whines loudly?

I have a one year old male german shepherd that constantly whines. He has plenty of food, water, attention and exercise but he tends to be very…

ASKED BY Member 983987 on 4/27/10
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What can be done without expensive treatments to stop the constant itching and whining from my dog?

The vet ordered 2 doses of liquid steroids a day to help with the itching. It does not solve the problem

ASKED BY Member 970624 on 3/4/10
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Is it normal that my dog barks, whines and makes howling sounds in his sleep?

This happens about 30 minutes into his sleep. Is that normal? He does this almost every night.

ASKED BY Member 857182 on 8/15/09
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