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My dog just threw up. Suggestions?

She hasn't eaten since about 8am and it's 5:30pm now. She's gone to the bathroom already today, so I'm not sure if she ate something she wasn't…

ASKED BY Member 1196288 on 10/26/13
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8 Month Old Akita has missing front teeth. Hard time eating?

I'm fostering an 8 month old akita male. (Not my first akita foster) I noticed when I picked him up, that his bottom, front teeth are completely gone…

ASKED BY Member 1179842 on 7/11/13
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Puppy on Wellness with soft stool. Is it the food or allergy?

Our 4 month old puppy has solid stool when she first starts going to the bathroom, then it get's very soft and thin, almost diarrhea. She is on…

ASKED BY Mabel on 6/10/13
TAGGED wellness, wellnesssupermix, wellnesscore, diamond, puppy, stool, allergy, food IN Food & Nutrition


Vet recommends anal gland removal - Can switching food help persistant anal gland infections?

About a month ago, Peppers started scooting and nibbling at her butt. The vet said she did have full anal glands with an infection. He cleared…

ASKED BY Peppers on 3/5/13
TAGGED analglands, infection, wellnesscore, food, foodchange IN Alternative Treatments

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My 11 yr old Std. Schnauzer was just diagnosed w/ Adenodal Carcinoma cancer. We had surgery & started Chemo.Any advice?

We were diagnosed with Bi-lateral Adenodal Carceinoma (cancer of the anal gland in dogs) and it was in one lypmh node. Had all removed surgically, and…

ASKED BY Member 1128006 on 8/28/12
TAGGED cancer, health, wellness, carcinoma, chemo, raditation, spirulina, chloraphyl, treatment IN Health & Wellness

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My puppy has worms and last night i pulled out what i believe was the whole worm but today she still had little worms co?

thw worm that came out was about 5 inches long and had like 50 or 80 little worms attached to it and i thought it was gone but then in a matter of 5…

ASKED BY Member 1124927 on 8/9/12
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My Maltese threw up yellow foamy vile with a long tape looking thing. Taking her to the vet.. could it really be worms?

It had a long tape looking thing. Also occasionally when she poops her poo is connected by the same type of clear flesh coloured looking thing…

ASKED BY Member 1122563 on 7/25/12
TAGGED maltese, worms, health, nutrition, wellness IN Health & Wellness


I have been looking into pet insurance for my puppy?

I would like to hear from people that have it and have used it. Which company, pleased with it, likes and dislikes. Thanx

ASKED BY Toby on 7/13/12
TAGGED insurance, health, wellness, products IN Health & Wellness

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