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Craigslist Fredericksburg, IN.Selling their 4 week old puppy.just got it now they don't want it!This is not my dog.HELP?

I just saw this ad below on craigslist. I think 4 weeks is too young to taken away from its mom. They have already had it seems like. and their…

ASKED BY Member 1123799 on 8/2/12
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2 week old puppy with red and swollen vulva?

This morning, after feeding my 2 week old boxer puppy, I noticed she had a very swollen and red vulva. She was fine last night. I've been watching her…

ASKED BY Member 1040010 on 7/7/11
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Hi! We just got an adorable American Bulldog 8 week old puppy. How often should she be taken ouside at night?

I take her out like every half hour during day. We crate her at night and she is not too happy about it so she cries alot. I dont want to take her…

ASKED BY Bonnie on 7/9/08
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