Bird dog not so birdie?

I got Thor with no intentions of hunting over him, but i do hunt and come to find out he loves to retrieve. I guess that's just in his blood. He loves…

ASKED BY Thor on 12/18/13
TAGGED hunting, birds, waterfowl, uplandgame IN Behavior & Training

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How can I train my dog to drink from a water bottle?

My 5 year old shih tzu named Teddy, used to live with my aunt about a year ago and drank from a water bottle fine. But now if i bring it near him…

ASKED BY Member 1170090 on 5/13/13
TAGGED water, bottle, waterbottle, fear, shihtzu IN Fears & Phobias

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Hoping someone will have a bit of insight on this situation. We have been looking after a dog within the community on a?

The dog is a Dingo type breed, apx 11 years old, has a large mass in her lower abdomen (bigger than a grapefruit), along with scattered masses on her…

ASKED BY Member 1149720 on 1/13/13
TAGGED cancer, law, food, water, masses, crazyowner, help IN Animal Welfare


Help! Spanky drinking and Peeing way too much?

Entire water bowl lasted him two days. Now he drinks one per day and wakes me to be let out in the middle of the night. He's also having leg problems…

ASKED BY Spanky on 12/15/12
TAGGED hipspainlegwaterdrinkpeelotbunchcosequinaprin IN Health & Wellness

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HELP PLEASE!!! my puppy is 17 days old, cross breed, very healthy. i have some doubts please clarify them?

i feed him only milk little cerilac with milk sometimes. but no water at all. should i give him water? he stinks a little. there is always a bad smell…

ASKED BY Member 1140882 on 11/16/12
TAGGED food, water, bath, cleanliness, care IN Puppies

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My dog has been throwing up all day can they get the flu or could it be worse?

my dog was just at the vet and got a steroid, antibotic for his scratching and a hot spot on his neck. The also recieved his rabies shot. But as of…

ASKED BY Member 1134808 on 10/8/12
TAGGED throwingup, vomit, illness, food, water IN Emergencies & First Aid

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