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What is the best way to stop frequent violent behavior?

My yellow lab, we think between 5 and 7, frequently attacks smaller animals and other dogs. While doing so she refuses to answer when called and has…

ASKED BY Member 1228012 on 6/4/14
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My sister's dog won't stop acting violently towards mine. Help?

I have a beautiful puppy named Godiva and I love her so much. There is a stigma at home because she is a pit-bull mix. My sister/mom don’t like her…

ASKED BY Member 1168390 on 5/2/13
TAGGED aggressive, violence, abuse, stigma, pitbull, sister, mom IN Aggression

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Chihuahua and Pit Bull living under the same household?

I have a small 4lb male 2-year-old Chihuahua, and someone wants to give us a Pit Bull puppy. Well, my Chi is not really friendly with other dogs and…

ASKED BY Chico Hernandez on 8/7/12
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Why is my dog being mean?

we have a irish wolfhound/pointer(stanley) who has lived around a pitbull and min pin for acouple yrs,well the pitbull died about 3 months ago and…

ASKED BY Member 864615 on 8/5/09
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