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What breed is my dog? I want to figure it out so bad?

My dog Pinto looks like he could be a mix of a few breeds, however when researching different breeds I came upon a "Toy Fox Terrier" and they look a…

ASKED BY Member 1244020 on 7/1/15
TAGGED breed, jackrussel, toyfoxterrier, mutt IN Mixed Breeds

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Need help on potty training a toy fox terrier?

I have a 10 month old toy fox terrier and we are struggling in the potty training department. We have a very spacious backyard and three other dogs…

ASKED BY Member 1153519 on 2/4/13
TAGGED pottytraining, toyfoxterrier IN House Soiling


I am afraid that my toy fox terrier might have gotten pregnant somehow. Is it possible that it is a false pregnancy?

I got Sadie 5 months ago from a friends sister, she will be 2 years old in August. So she couldn't have been pregnant when we got her. She has never…

ASKED BY Sadie on 5/19/10
TAGGED pregnant, toyfoxterrier IN Pregnancy