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My 7m old pit recently noticed between his toes are red, swollen and raw like. Within 48hr began drooling excessively?

My 7month old pit bull recently noticed between his toes are red, swollen and raw-like. No visible cuts or scabs. At first only noticed it on one paw…

ASKED BY Member 1242702 1 week ago
TAGGED redbetweentoes IN Emergencies & First Aid

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Animal Palace STUPIDLY shaved my 2 year old American Eskimo Toy. How long before her hair grows back?

I would never have voluntarily cut my American Eskimo Toy. I requested to cut 1" and they shaved my dog. Now, I am so worried how long it is going…

ASKED BY Member 1242132 2 weeks, 5 days ago
TAGGED shave, americaneskimotoy, eskie, hairgrowth, howlong IN Grooming

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8 Month Old German Shepherd Suddenly Passed Away in Crate. No Symptoms. Why?

I had been looking for a female German for almost a year, and finally found one that I feel in love with. We got her from a very reputable breeder…

ASKED BY Member 1242008 3 weeks, 1 day ago
TAGGED germanshepherd, vomiting, death, nosymptoms IN Loss of a Pet

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How to get a fit muscles body without any side-effects?

TST Fuel is an organic testosterone enhancer which is developed for the use of guys that require solid ripped muscular tissues in addition to the perk…

ASKED BY Member 1241806 3 weeks, 5 days ago
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My 10 month Pitt/Mastiff won't quit chewing pretty much everything in sight and bites clothes when you walk by?

He chews on anything wood especially door frames and he has eaten the rubber seal from around the door. He chews up pillows, shoes and…

ASKED BY Member 1240630 on 1/12/15
TAGGED chewing, training, behavior, toys, biting IN Chewing

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My dog is afraid of strangers and growls & barks when they come near. He also is aggressive around other large dogs?

My husband and I are In an RV traveling with our 4 year old St. Bernard/Great Pyraneese cross. I know back on the acreage at home I didn't…

ASKED BY Member 1240589 on 1/11/15
TAGGED stoppingbarking, unwantedgrowling, aggression, scared, fearful IN Aggression

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Sie Schlank Cleanseming Körperpackungen wirklich?

Sie beschäftigen die Startverhinderungsverfahren. An die Stelle der Verwaltung 5 Meilen sofort mit einer konstanten Rate, die Sie ausführen möchten…

ASKED BY Member 1240100 on 1/4/15
TAGGED ultrathindetox IN Shedding

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