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My 7 month Springer Spaniel isn't picking up on toilet training?

We've had our Springer Spaniel from she was 8 weeks old but we're having such a difficult time toilet training her. We use the exact same techniques…

ASKED BY Member 868706 6 days, 10 hours ago
TAGGED toilettraining, puppy IN Behavior & Training

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Need help with antisocial, insecure, territorial dog?

My best friend's daughter has an insecure, unsolicited, & territorial dog that he watches on a regular basis because his daughter does not want the…

ASKED BY Member 1237506 1 week ago
TAGGED socialization, territorial, insecure IN Socialization

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Puppy ate cotton balls, does she have an obstruction?

My 5 month old puppy ate 4 natural cotton balls last night then she was given a few slices of white bread by my father for an unknown reason, I'm…

ASKED BY Member 1235687 2 weeks, 3 days ago
TAGGED puppy, cottonballs, obstruction, constipated, dog IN Swallowing Foreign Objects

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Who lives in a city where you can hire a city noise monitor to come out and witness a barking dog?

I'm interested in hearing from someone who lives in a city where you can hire a noise monitor (often a of duty police officer or other appropriate…

ASKED BY Member 1236719 3 weeks ago
TAGGED barking, dog, noise, monitor IN Barking

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Could environmental factors contribute to elevated liver enzymes?

Hello! Concerned pet owner, here. I have a 5 year old german shepherd/ greyhound mix whom I rescued when she was just 2 months old. Needless to say…

ASKED BY Member 1234262 on 9/19/14
TAGGED liver, asymptomatic, purina, vectra, sentinel IN Health & Wellness

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My dog wets on my grandkids toys?

When I come home from taking the young grand kids home my older dauchshund will have wet on a toy if I leave one out or wet in the area they have been…

ASKED BY Member 1229500 on 7/12/14
TAGGED dauchshund, urinate, kidstoys IN Behavior & Training

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