Strange behavior when I cough?

When ever I cough or clear my throat or cough my 13 yr old Shi-itzu puts tail between legs and leaves the room as quick as can be, if he could he'd go…

ASKED BY Buggz 1 week, 6 days ago
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My dog coughs/hacks while jerking head forward like something is stuck in throat. Any ideas?

He will cough/hack like he sometimes does when he has eaten grass and it is stuck in his throat or bothering him. But when he has these "episodes…

ASKED BY Member 1151853 on 1/25/13
TAGGED hacking, headjerking, hairstuckinthroat IN Health & Wellness

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My Toy Fox Terrier, Buster, coughs, like he has phlegm. What could this be?

Buster also acts as if he has allergies, mostly when he goes outside, but happens inside sometimes too. As for the first question, he coughs like…

ASKED BY Member 1105588 on 4/12/12
TAGGED sneezesalotwhenhegoesoutsidehecoughslikemucusisstuckinhisthroat, andhecantgetitout IN Allergies


Why is my dog licking her lips?

my dog licks her lips quite often, sometimes she also licks her anal area like she's cleaning them. Her anal glands look normal and i don't think…

ASKED BY Truffle on 1/20/12
TAGGED analglands, throat, lump, licking IN Health & Wellness


My puppy is having an episode of heaving? throat spasm/hiccups?

My pup was outside playing and suddenly started hiccuping or heaving (best i can descrbe it as a throat spasm, much like a hiccup but not in his belly…

ASKED BY GUS on 8/8/09
TAGGED hiccup, spasm, throat, gag, sick, sudden, heaving IN Health & Wellness

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I have a corgi who has swallowing problems and at night she constantly gurgles. My vet has no idea, Any answers?

She was raised with a bunch of corgis and in order to eat she would gorge then run-off and throw it up later to re-eat. Thats why she was free. As…

ASKED BY Member 863075 on 8/1/09
TAGGED eating, throat, corgi, swalowing IN Other Health & Wellness

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