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Two service dogs?

have a service dog. She is small and is trained to mitigate some of my PTSD situations and hallucinations. However, It is very helpful to have some…

ASKED BY Member 1227233 on 5/17/14
TAGGED ptsd, therapydog, servicedog, twoservicedogs, training IN Service & Therapy Dogs

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Does anyone know how to put a value on a therapy dog?

i have a dog prescribed to me for severe depression and loss of my legs due to neuropathy. this dog has been to many nursing homes with me since i was…

ASKED BY Member 1034815 on 5/24/11
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I am thinking about getting a 1 year old pit bull for a companion/therapy dog for my 86 year old mother?

Is a pit bull 1 year old good for a companion/therapy dog (Dr. sugested) for an older person 86 with 2 cats. My mother lives with me and my 2 boys 12…

ASKED BY Member 988645 on 5/23/10
TAGGED pitbullcompaniontherapydog IN Breeds

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