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Panting and struggling to catch her breath in the middle of the night?

My dog is 14 years old,and she wakes up in the middle of the night panting as if she had just got done running and is struggling to catch her…

ASKED BY Member 1248297 2 weeks, 3 days ago
TAGGED pantingstrugglingtocatchbreathe IN Health & Wellness

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My 13 month old Lahso apso band comes aggressive very easily?

We have had our dog for 1 week now, bought him from a woman who says she was unable to care for him properly due to ill health, most of the time he is…

ASKED BY Member 1246927 on 5/20/15
TAGGED lyingcomfartbly, removingthingsfromhimthatheshouldnthave IN Aggression

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If any one intrested for dog collars. Kobi Collars is here for custom made handcrafted designer leather dog collars?

There are varied types of leather dog collars accessories and they are specifically designed to recognize the evolution of fashion over the years…

ASKED BY Member 1245205 on 4/17/15
TAGGED fancyleatherdogcollars, coolleatherdogcollars, designerleatherdogcollars, leatherdogcollarsaccessories, leatherdogcollars, customleatherdogcollars, bestleatherdogcollars IN Pet Products

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After the dog park, my dog now wants to pull at every passing dog on walks?

So I've taken over caring for my mother's 13 year old dog for about 6months now, and found out she never walks him or takes him to the dog park…

ASKED BY Member 1245296 on 4/16/15
TAGGED pulling, walking, otherdogs, exciteddogs, dogpark IN Leash Walking

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How to stop food theft?

My 7 year old acd has become very forward with taking food from the table. To the point where if you step away from the table for even a moment your…

ASKED BY Member 1244947 on 4/9/15
TAGGED food, aggression, theft, stealing IN Aggression

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Does anyone have advice on whether to expose my old dog to bromine in a swimming pool 2X/week for some months (not sure?

She is a healthy, nearly 14 yr old three-legged rescue with some arthritis in the knee and lumbar area. The vet recommended the swims, but the pool…

ASKED BY Member 1244556 on 4/1/15
TAGGED swimtherapy, chemicals, exposures IN Health & Wellness

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I have a beagle mix. We adopted him when he was two years old last April. He is a people dog. I can see he likes to be?

with other dogs. However, he likes to bit them when they get closer. Can you give me some suggestions? I have not been taking him to dog park for…

ASKED BY Member 1242229 on 2/15/15
TAGGED interactionwithotherdog IN Behavior & Training

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